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American Bobtail Cat

American Bobtails are known as one of the most intelligent cat breeds around.

They have a natural wild appearance that has given rise to the story that they are a crossbreed of a tabby cat and a bobcat. Not surprisingly, these cats display hunting instincts in the home, where they love catching flying insects and hunting spiders.

Their distinctive tails are the result of a genetic variation similar to the one found in Manx cats. And even though they may look fierce, American Bobtails are loving and highly interactive with people.

Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for Your American Bobtail Cat?

These tend to be healthy cats, though be sure not to get a kitten with no tail at all, since these may develop spinal problems that lead to incontinence. Breeding has however left them prone to one particular congenital defect:

Hip Dysplasia

like Maine Coon cats and St. Bernard dogs, these cats may inherit a condition where the hip bone fails to fit correctly into the pelvis. Over time, wear and tear can cause the hip joint to become inflamed, causing pain and restricted movement. The condition can often be reversed with surgery.

Part of the trade-off with acquiring a purebred like the American Bobtail is conditions like hip dysplasia, which may manifest after adulthood, making your cat (and thus you) miserable and costing hundreds of dollars or more to treat.

Buying Pet Insurance for American Bobtail Cats

Owners who purchase the right pet health insurance plan can relax in the knowledge that their Bobbie will always receive the right treatment at the right time.


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