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Hollywood Animal Hospital

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VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital

Hollywood 2864 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: 954-920-3556
Yelp: Yelp Reviews

VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital is home to state of the art medical technology and specialized care for animals. This facility serves animals from Hallandale to Miramar in Florida. There are special clinics for animals that offer preventive, grooming and even pet counseling when required. Advanced medical services such as specialized surgeries and diagnostic imaging are offered at this facility according to the recommendations of the doctors. Even though you may only book a doctor’s appointments for specific times and days of the week, the hospital offers 24 hours of services to animals.

This provider operates on the principal of prompt response to the needs of your animal. They have an online based form that pet owners can fill for purposes of booking an appointment as well as for registering information on new clients that are visiting for the first time. Payment for services rendered is made easy by the wide range of payment options available at this hospital. This provider accepts payments made by credit card, personal checks and cash.

Positive client reviews posted on yelp on the VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital point to the kindness of the staff that offer direct services to the animals, their regard for life over money and consideration for the animal owners. Customers praise the efforts of veterinarians to keep informed on the progress of an animal even after they have left their care. Some customers think that the fact that customers are not pestered to sign anything before an animal is attended to shows that they are focused on their work of savings lives. Honesty in dealing with complex cases was appreciated since customers feel that it is better to be honest than treat an animal for an illness they have not diagnosed. The overall rating of VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital on yelp is 3.5 stars.

Negative reviews associated with VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital include overlooking of primary procedures such as taking the temperature of an animal with a fever and not honoring pet owner’s wishes upon registration. One lady complains that she had no money in her account and wanted the hospital to alert her when the bill got to $500 which they never did. They later sent her a bill of $1500 with no clear diagnosis of what was ailing her cat. Another reviewer was concerned about the rude manner in which the receptionist spoke to her when she called to try and book an appointment for her dog which had previously been treated there. The general negative complaint on VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital is the high prices charged on minor procedures.

Gauging from the Facebook rating average of 4.8 out of 86 ratings and 4.5 average rating out of 6 Google ratings, reviews for VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital are generally more positive than negative.

The VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital is headed by Nancy French who is the hospital manager. Prior to being in charge of the welfare of client and staff at the hospital, she was veterinary technician till 2006. The veterinary team is headed by Dr. James Herrington who has been in animal care practice for 27 years. He is assisted by Dr. Dewey Carpenter, Dr. Briana Danielson, Dr. Jon Dee, Dr. Larry Dee, Dr. Randi Fishkin, Dr. Melanie Hnot, Dr. Anne Murphy, and Dr. Thomas Sessa who are Veterinary Specialists.