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We know veterinary care can be expensive and no online advice can take the place of a real veterinary exam, but we’ve got veterinarians on staff willing to tackle your questions.

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  • Andrea

    I have a quick and I got a kitten seven weeks old and I got it for free tonight but I got her and she had a bunch of please and I got a bunch of the fleas out giving her a bath twice and I can’t get the other ones out

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Andrea, there are some great over the counter flea shampoos to help your kitten. Something with a lot of lather. Daily vacuuming and weekly laundering of all beds and toys will help a great deal.

  • Deshonti Graggs

    I have a 6 week puppy that is falling over dont have balance won’t eat or drink have pale gums and have mucus in his poop.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Deshonti, we recommend taking your puppy to the vet right away. Pale gums are a sign of something VERY serious. Sending our best.

  • Anya

    Hello, my mom’s indoor cat….goes outside supervised like 5 minutes a day) bit me (no puncture marks, just kind of scratch marks from teeth.) She had her rabies shot maybe 3 years ago, do you think she could pass rabies or anything to me?

  • John Simar

    I have a female dog that is half Boston terrier/ half Pit Bull. She is pregnant, and I believe it is for my Alaskan Malamute. I have been having concerns about if her being pregnant for a larger dog is potentially dangerous to her health.

  • Sheighlyn Marie Spaulding

    Can I fees new born puppies calf replacer

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Sheighlyn, our vets recommend you have your newborn puppies seen by a vet. Calf milk replacer may not provide all the nourishment they need and they must be evaluated by a vet to determine that. Best of luck to you and your pups.

  • Serra Elaine Bass

    Help! Bunny somehow managed to find a cork from an alcohol bottle, licked it once and is now limp. She is still breathing normally and has a normal heart rate.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Serra, hope your bunny is doing ok. In urgent situations like that, our vets recommend taking your pet to the emergency room to be seen by a vet.

  • m.c.

    my 5lb. chihuahua is about 12 years old and has lost most of his teeth. He is swollen on the left side of his face. I am suspecting that it is an oral problem, but he doesn’t seem to be in pain. He is acting like him self.

  • Amber

    Hello, my name is Amber and i have a 17 year old cat named Teewee. today he refused to eat a can of tuna in water. he has been loosing a lot of weight and he has been coughing a lot. he is always cold and his stool is almost all liquid and it is very cloudy. he has very little energy and I dont have the money to take him to a vet. he isn’t even my cat. he is my mothers cat and she loves him dearly. i have gone to 16 other websites and i am hoping i can get help here. please help me find out what is wrong with him.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Amber, unfortunately it sounds like he really needs to see a vet. I wish there was more help we could offer, but with the symptoms you listed, it is urgent that he get checked out in person. All our best!

  • Desiree Alvord

    Hello i have a cat (Luna)She is licking her nipples and vulva a lot and she is mostly on her bed or just recently looking around cub birds and pantry, ( we closed it off ) j. Just in case I have made her a nest please help she is my lil cutie and she is 11 months old. I would like to know if she is pregnant or what’s with her. •she has gotten a bit chubbier on the underbelly and sides since I had her from 10 months old. •she has gotten a rounder droopy belly •she vomited a few times •she was scoping around drawers and closets , also the litter box without pooping , like she was looking for a place to be. •she licks her í, guess its named her vulva (e.g. Vagina) • she has gotten pink nipples 2 days ago. •She was with not neutered male cates(brothers ) since10 months old( when I gotten her) • •she meows a lot and begs for attention • she rolls on her back and meows • she also showed signs of heat but for only one day.( but I’ve seen that some pregnant cats show signs of heat at times while pregnant) e.g.:but lifting meowing loudly, rubbing, tail to side • I’ve had taken care of pregnant strays before( she is not a stray) and she shows most signs but has me stumped why she is not that wide on the sides or looks like in heat for a day.( she did not look for a mate

  • Steve Ziegler

    I have a 16 year old dog and he has started shaking does that mean he is in pain and can I give him baby aspirin ?


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