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We know veterinary care can be expensive and no online advice can take the place of a real veterinary exam, but we’ve got veterinarians on staff willing to tackle your questions.

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  • Andrea

    I have a quick and I got a kitten seven weeks old and I got it for free tonight but I got her and she had a bunch of please and I got a bunch of the fleas out giving her a bath twice and I can’t get the other ones out

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Andrea, there are some great over the counter flea shampoos to help your kitten. Something with a lot of lather. Daily vacuuming and weekly laundering of all beds and toys will help a great deal.

  • Deshonti Graggs

    I have a 6 week puppy that is falling over dont have balance won’t eat or drink have pale gums and have mucus in his poop.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Deshonti, we recommend taking your puppy to the vet right away. Pale gums are a sign of something VERY serious. Sending our best.

  • Anya

    Hello, my mom’s indoor cat….goes outside supervised like 5 minutes a day) bit me (no puncture marks, just kind of scratch marks from teeth.) She had her rabies shot maybe 3 years ago, do you think she could pass rabies or anything to me?

  • John Simar

    I have a female dog that is half Boston terrier/ half Pit Bull. She is pregnant, and I believe it is for my Alaskan Malamute. I have been having concerns about if her being pregnant for a larger dog is potentially dangerous to her health.


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