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Bombay Cat (The Miniature Black Panther)

The Bombay cat breed was developed in the mid-twentieth century in an effort to create a cat that looks like a miniature black panther.

With its copper-colored eyes and short black coat, this attractive cat is very active and social, getting along well with children and other pets.

Bombays need to be where the action is and tend to get into mischief when left alone.

Bombay cat PortraitShould You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Bombay Cat?

Bombays are generally healthy, living from 13 to 15 years and as much as 20.

Breeding has however left them prone to some health problems:

  • Congenital Defects: Deformities of the skull, in particular of the teeth, jaws, and palate, occur at a relatively high frequency in these cats. Such problems are of course detectable in kittens, and reputable breeders will never sell afflicted animals.
  • Cherry Eye: Some cats develop inflammation of a gland associated with the eyelids, which can become distended and inflamed and considerable discomfort. The condition can usually be treated successfully with medication or, in more severe cases, surgery.

Your little panther deserves the best care, and pet insurance is the best way to be certain that you will be able to provide it.


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