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Everything You Need To Know About Cat Claw Caps

Have you been trying to prevent your cat from scratching your walls, couch, and cabinets into oblivion? You LOVE your cats but don’t want them to tear up your house.

First, he’s not trying to make you mad or “be bad”. The scratching behavior is actually necessary for his physical and emotional health. It’s instinctive, a form of exercise and a way for him to mark his territory.

So how do you stop them from tearing everything up? Is declawing them an option? How about trying nail caps first!

Do Pet Claw Caps Work?

Yes! He’ll still be able to scratch, and will still be able to extend and retract his claws just as easily as he did before—but the caps will stop him from tearing up your house. They are soft, so they won’t irritate your cat’s paws. They glue on and, over the space of about a month or month and a half, they remain on his claws.

Are Cat Claw Caps Safe?

nail caps cat

You have one more cruelty-free, relatively inexpensive solution available to you and your cat. A veterinarian developed vinyl claw caps back in 1990, so they’ve been around for a while.

They are soft, so they won’t irritate your cat’s paws. Once your cat’s claws have been trimmed, you and another person (or you by yourself) can put the claw caps on your cat’s claws.

While you may choose to have your vet or a groomer trim your cat’s claws, it’s an easy process to put the claw tips on him.

How To Apply Claw Caps On Cats

Applying caps on your cats’ claws is pretty simple:

  1. Trim nails
  2. Slip-on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the glue
  3. Apply two drops of glue into the Claw Caps
  4. Place onto cats nails and allow 1-2 minutes for the glue to set before letting your stylish little furball run around with his new claw caps!

Here is a quick video to demonstrate how to apply Soft Paws Nail Caps to a cat.

One Thing: You’ll need to inspect your cat’s claws every few days to replace a claw cap that has fallen off. They also come in several sizes, so consult the website to make sure you buy the correct size for your cat.


  • Are Cat Claw caps cruel?

      • No, they are non-toxic and just covers the cats’ claws so when he scratches it doesn’t tear up your carpet or furniture.
  • How long do Cat Claw Caps stay on?

      • Generally, they last about 4-6 weeks under normal conditions.
  • How do I know what size nail caps to use on my cat?

      • Kitten: up to 5lbs | Small: 6-8lbs | Medium: 9-13lbs | Large: 14+lbs

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    Susan Murphy 10/27/2016 at 5:04 am

    I didn’t know that cats get “husks” of dead skin on their claws that they need to get rid of. And scratching was the most efficient way for them to get rid of these. Great article and thanks for sharing!

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