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Collie Pet Insurance

The collie is an iconic Australian breed developed for herding animals that is friendly, loyal and very energetic. The dogs are also highly intelligent, capable of being trained to recognize hundreds of vocal commands.

Collies are fairly large, averaging around 35 to 55 pounds (16 to 25 kg) and 1 to 2 feet (32 to 54 cm) at the shoulder. These beautiful dogs have made many appearances in films and television, the most famous being Lassie.

Should You Purchase Insurance for Your Collie?

Collies are usually quite healthy dogs, most often living from 15 to 18 years.

On the one hand, this longevity is great: your kids can have the chance to grow up with the family dog. On the other hand, dogs, like people, tend to require more and more medical care as they age.

For those who haven’t made plans in advance, the result can be having to make agonizing decisions balancing financial realities and love for a beloved dog. Pet health insurance can ensure that the cost of treatment will not be the deciding factor in how you care for your beloved canine.

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