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Coloboma in Dogs

What is Coloboma in Dogs

This eye defect occurs when dogs suffer from a split or hole in the iris. Colobomas can be inherited, due to incomplete eye tissue development prior to birth. The condition has also been linked to eye trauma or injuries.

Symptoms of Coloboma in Dogs

  • Dark hole in the iris, or iris with irregular shape
  • Squinting or discomfort in bright light

Treatment for Coloboma

No known treatment exists for Coloboma, and dogs can live full and happy lives with the condition. Coloboma usually does not impair vision, but you will want to shield your pup’s eyes from direct, bright light when possible.

Although there is no cure for Coloboma, your dog can still benefit from pet health insurance to help offset the cost of regular wellness care and treatments for any other conditions that may crop up throughout his lifetime.

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