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Corneal Dystrophy in Dogs

Cost of Treatment: $2,200 to $3,050 per eye for surgery

What it is: This inherited condition affects the cornea of both eyes, potentially resulting in vision loss. Three different types of condition can affect the cornea in different ways at different times during a dog’s life. Symptoms vary, depending on the condition’s type.


  • Gray or white rings on cornea
  • Clouding or opacity on the cornea
  • Swelling of the cornea, development of fluid blisters

Treatment: Treating the symptoms and preventing the disease’s progression is the first step in a treatment plan. Vets may prescribe a sodium chloride solution or ointment to protect the cornea and halt progression. Antibiotics may be required if inflammation or ulcers develop, with surgery required if the cornea becomes painful and thickened.

Many pet health insurance plans cover the cost of surgery, prescription medications and other treatment methods needed corneal dystrophy, as long as your dog is enrolled before the onset of the disease.

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