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Cornish Rex Cat

Most cats have three kinds of hair that make up their fur, but not the Cornish Rex: its coat is entirely made up of down.

The breed originated in 1950 in, naturally, Cornwall in England.

The result of the genetic mutation that defines the Cornish Rex is a fine, textured appearance to the fur and a firm, muscular body that some compare to that of the Whippet dog breed.

Because of their special fur, these cats need to be protected from too much sunlight. They don’t shed very much and are somewhat hypoallergenic.

Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for Your Cornish Rex?

Despite their somewhat delicate appearance, these cats are in fact generally strong and healthy animals that make for very active and affectionate pets.


The Cornish Rex is, however, more prone to develop certain health problems than other cat breeds.

Owners, therefore, need to keep an eye on their cats with regard to the following conditions:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

this most common heart condition in cats results from thickening of the muscles around the heart, which causes the heart to beat irregularly and may lead to clotting and the accumulation of fluid around the lungs and heart.

Cats suffering from the condition tend to have relatively short lives, though treatment with drugs that control heart rate and reduce fluid buildup can be effective.

Patellar Luxation

sometimes one or more of a cat’s kneecaps may become dislocated owing to a congenital defect. The result is restricted movement and pain, and the condition can progress to the point of severely limiting the use of the affected joint.

X-rays are required to diagnose the condition, which can often respond successfully to surgery.

Cat Pet Insurance for Cornish Rex

The treatment for either of these conditions, including diagnostics, medicines and even surgery, can obviously end up costing quite a bit of money.

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