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Curved Spine in Dogs

Cost of Treatment: $5,500 to $15,050

What it is:

Curvature of the spine in dogs can take several forms:

  • Lateral curvature of scoliosis
  • Posterior curvature of kyphosis
  • Excessive lumbar spinal curvature of lordosis.

Spinal curvatures can be apparent at birth or after a growth spurt.


  • No symptoms in some cases
  • Rear limb weakness or paralysis in others
  • X-rays often required to diagnose condition


 Depending on the type and severity of the spinal curvature, those that don’t cause any health issues or pain can often remain untreated without affecting the dog’s quality of life. If the dog is in pain or has trouble moving, surgery or alternative treatments may be feasible options.

Many dog health insurance plans cover surgeries, alternative treatments, prescription pain medication and other costs related to treatment of spinal curvature in dogs.

The only caveat is your dog has to be enrolled prior to showing signs of the condition or it would be considered pre-existing and not covered by any health insurance plan.

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