What Customers Reviews Say About Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

According to customer reviews of Healthy Paws pet insurance, 9 out of 10 pet owners who purchase a policy are very satisfied with their coverage and with the customer service. Among the large volume of reviews of Healthy Paws, here are a few typical comments.

Healthy Paws took great care of my Golden Retriever.

Everything from the conduct of the attendants to the review and processing of customers’ information is handled with professionalism and a minimum of hassles.

Thank you, Healthy Paws, for coming through for my puppy’s emergency.

Healthy Paws pet insurance has been recognized over and over as the very best. It offers extensive coverage, with unlimited benefits for your pet’s lifetime, unlike just about every other pet insurance provider.

Healthy Paws was a breeze to set up and easier to deal with for claims.

Healthy Paws’ app, website, and email and phone support make it easy to access profiles and to receive the help you need with your policy and your claims. Thanks to the company’s flexible hours, there are also plenty of opportunities to get in touch with their representatives. The one drawback seems to be that the mobile app is only available to Apple users.

Reimbursement for my Dachshund’s $3400 surgery took just 3 weeks.

The process of filing a claim couldn’t be easier. Either fill out the short, easily accessible form, take a snapshot of the invoices and submit them through the app, or alternatively send scans of the invoices through email. After that, the claims are processed as quickly as possible.

Healthy Paws gives back through its charitable foundation.

Healthy Paws’ Every Quote Gives HopeTM program sponsors animal shelters and related organizations so that they can better take care of the animals, including medical care. Not surprisingly, this charity has been a huge hit with pet lovers.

Their policies are easy to understand and coverage is flexible.

The fact that the reimbursement level and deductibles can be adjusted to meet individual preferences is a big advantage; with Healthy Paws, flexibility is a given.

Conclusions about Healthy Paws

Pretty much everyone agrees that Healthy Paws pet insurance is among the very best, as is shown by a customer review rating of 9.8/10. With unlimited benefits and quick and easy claims processing, it is easy to see why.

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