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Discoid Lupus Erythematous in Dogs

How Does Discoid Lupus Erythematous Affect Dogs?

This autoimmune disease causes the dog to become allergic to his own tissues, resulting in loss of pigmentation and patching in the nose and other areas.

What Are Symptoms Of Discoid Lupus?

  • Nose redness
  • Crusting, scaling of nose
  • Lesions around the limbs, ears, eyes and other areas

Discoid Lupus Treatment:

Protecting the affected skin from intense sunlight and applying various topical medications can help. Sunscreens can be helpful, as can the application or oral ingestion of vitamin E. In extreme cases, reconstructive surgery may be an option.

Cost of Treatment: $40 per month for medication

Prescription medication is covered by many dog insurance plans, while others cover surgeries needed to maintain optimum health. Because DLE can occur at any age, enrolling your dog as a puppy reduces the risk of him developing any conditions that would be considered pre-existing and not covered by insurance.

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