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Eclampsia in Dogs

Eclampsia in Dogs

This life-threatening disease stems from a reduction in calcium in the bloodstream in dogs that have recently given birth.

Mother dogs can suffer an onset of the condition due to loss of calcium from milk production, inadequate intake of calcium by the intestines or poor nutrition.

The disease can progress very rapidly and is an emergency situation that requires immediate medical care.

Symptoms of Eclampsia

  • Change in behavior
  • A decrease in maternal instincts
  • Nervousness or restlessness
  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Whining
  • Muscle spasms, fever, inability to stand as the disease progresses

Eclampsia Treatment

Treatment for eclampsia aims to replenish the calcium levels in the bloodstream through IV fluids.

Pups should be removed from their mother for up to 48 hours, only returned when her calcium levels are normal and subsequently maintained with oral calcium supplements.

Not all dog insurance policies cover conditions related to breeding, delivery or pregnancy, although you can find a few that extend coverage to those areas. Carefully read the pet insurance exclusions before enrolling if you plan on breeding your dog.

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