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Exotic Shorthair Cat Insurance

Exotics were bred from Persians and American Shorthairs in the 1950s.

Their rounded faces and snub noses resemble those of Persians, though their fur is considerably shorter and is very thick.

These cats are even-tempered and people-loving; interestingly, unlike many cat breeds, the male tends to be even more affectionate than the female.

Exotics may not sleep with you, however, since that plush coat keeps them very warm.


Should You Get Pet Insurance for your Exotic Shorthair Cat?

The breeding program that created Exotics has left them prone to a number of medical conditions:

  • Breathing Difficulties: the blunt muzzles that give Exotics that quizzical look can cause constrictions in the nostrils that impair breathing; secondary effects may include problems with teeth and tear ducts. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to create a clear path for respiration.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: this congenital disorder, which affects as much as 16% of some breeds, causes cysts to form in one or both kidneys, and normally doesn’t manifest itself until a cat is seven to ten years old. The condition is progressive and irreversible, though surgery may in some cases help to relieve the cat’s discomfort.

Significant chances of congenital health problems simply come with the territory when it comes to purebred animals like Exotics.

Informed owners will, therefore, want to take all possible steps to ensure that their special animals have access to the best care, and for many pet health insurance is a basic part of providing for their cats.


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