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Folliculitis in Dogs

Folliculitis in Dogs

What it is: Dogs have pouches called follicles at the base of their hair shafts.  These follicles most commonly become inflamed secondary to bacterial or fungal infections.  The inflammation of the follicle is called folliculitis.


  • Skin lesions such as sores, bumps, or scabs
  • Dull or oily coat
  • Scaly skin
  • Excessive itching and/or licking

The skin lesions caused by this condition are easier to see in short haired dogs.  Mange, allergies, injuries, and other skin issues are often observed in dogs experiencing folliculitis.

Treatment: Dogs with folliculitis often receive oral and/or topical antibiotics and antifungals.  Most veterinarians will also recommend a skin care regimen including routine shampooing and brushing.

Routine folliculitis treatment is typically relatively inexpensive; however, folliculitis can reoccur and may be seen in conjunction with other more serious conditions.  Pet health insurance can help defray the expense of ongoing treatment and more serious health concerns.

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