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Hair Follicle Tumors In Dogs

Cost of Treatment: $1,000 – $3,500

What Is A Hair Follicle Tumor In Dogs?

Hair follicle tumors are tumors that grow in the hair follicles in a dog’s skin. There are several types of hair follicle tumors and most of them are benign tumors. These tumors develop as a result of the disordered growth of the cells in the hair follicles.

Breeds genetically predisposed to hair follicle tumors:

Symptoms Of Hair Follicle Tumors In Dogs

The primary sign of a hair follicle tumor is the palpable mass on the surface of a dog’s skin. Tumors may ulcerate and bleed, and are at a risk of becoming infected.

Treatment Of Hair Follicle Tumors In Dogs

Treatment is surgical removal of the tumor itself, and this is a simple procedure for singular, benign hair follicle tumors. Your veterinarian will need to perform a biopsy to determine the type of tumor, and whether or not it is malignant.

Resources For Hair Follicle Tumors In Dogs

1- National Canine Cancer Foundation

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