Havana Brown Cat Insurance

Havana Brown Cat Insurance

Havana Browns are identified by their chocolate-colored fur and green eyes. Despite the name, the breed actually originated in England, where it was produced in the 1950s from a cross between domestic black cats and Siamese. Havana Browns are playful and sociable, and very clever in the uses they find for their paws. These cats do not like to spend time alone, but they travel well.

Should you Purchase Insurance for your Havana Brown Cat?

The Havana Brown is a relatively healthy breed, living an average of 12 to 15 years, and is not known to suffer from specific hereditary conditions. These cats do seem to be especiallyprone toone common feline ailment:

  • Bladder stones: certain compounds can form crystals that build up in a cat’s urinary tract and block the free flow of urine. The result is great discomfort for the cat, and unwanted behaviors like spraying. Urinalysis will confirm what kind of stones have formed, and treatment usually involves a special diet, though surgery may be required in acute cases.

A Havana Brown can get into plenty of mischief, and they all grow old eventually. So, at $200 or more for a kitten, many pet owners will find that pet insurance makes sense financially and for peace of mind.



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