Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs

Cost of Treatment: $4500.00 to $9,500

What Is Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs?

Hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive cancer that affects blood vessels cells. Patients suffering from hemangiosarcoma often present masses in the spleen and/or the heart and lack of proper coagulation. This cancer can occur either inside the body cavity (visceral) or on the surface of the skin (dermal). The prognosis for the skin form of the disease is much better than for the internal disease. Hemangiosarcoma can spread and progress throughout the body, forming large, blood-filled tumors virtually anywhere. When one of these tumors bursts, it can cause an immediate internal bleeding crisis, which leads to pale gums, weakness and collapse. Given the sudden onset of the signs, many dogs reach the vet’s office once the cancer has spread and, therefore, only 10% of the patients with hemangiosarcoma survive for up to one year.

Symptoms of Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs

• Lump(s) detectable in the abdomen or other parts of the body
• Black or red masses in the skin
• Weakness and exercise intolerance
• Arrhythmias
• Weight loss
• Seizures
• Collapsing
• Lameness
• Pale mucous membranes

Treatment for Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs

In the case of dermal hemangiosarcoma, complete surgical removal has a good prognosis if the tumor has not spread to other organs (metastasis). In cases of metastatic cancer chemotherapy is needed and the chances of survival decrease.

Visceral hemangiosarcoma treatment depends on the extent and size of the tumors. In cases where the cancer is localized to the spleen and has not ruptured, surgical removal with chemotherapy can give a median survival time of around 4 months.

In cases where the cancer has spread beyond the spleen euthanasia may be considered to decrease pain and suffering.

Resources for Canine Hemangiosarcoma

  1. Canine Cancer Awareness-Hemangiosarcoma

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