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Highland Lynx Cat Insurance

Famous for their curled ears, disproportionately large hind legs, and doglike personalities, Highland Lynx cats originated in the 1990s as the result of a cross between a Desert Lynx and a Jungle Curl.

Hair may be either long or short and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Some Highland Lynx exhibit polydactyly (extra toes), a trait that in no way bothers the cat and is in fact considered desirable by many breeders.

Owners need to be careful to clean the cat’s curled ears every few days.

Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for your Highland Lynx Cat?

These are sturdy cats, with lifespans averaging 15 years.

They are not known to be particularly susceptible to any feline health problems, but that does not mean that they will never become ill.

And since a kitten can go for $500 or more, many owners find that pet insurance is a way to protect their investment as well as to put their minds at ease.


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