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Infographic Drafts

Goal of this IG: To visualize research showing the complex and fascinating emotional world of dogs.

There are two versions below with notes. I stopped working on this because while I believe it’s a compelling topic, I just don’t know enough about infographics to do it justice.

If you read the details on both drafts below you’ll get a decent sense of what that entails.

Version 1: 

What sucks about it:

  1. It doesn’t have a lot of facts like most infographics so it kind of looks like a weird, long animated story.
  2. There’s a disconnect between the titles and content. For example “Dogs get depressed” is the title and the content starts with “during a 1960s study dogs were given shocks they couldn’t escape from.” The information doesn’t flow that well.
  3. There needs to be chunks of info, data, statistics, etc. to visualize. Take a look at the infographic on this page and you’ll see what I mean:


Version 2: 

What was changed:

  1. Number of studies were reduced because the original was so long and I felt not all the studies were interesting or captivating enough to keep.
  2. The text was shortened, some titles were revised, main title was changed.
  3. More info was summarized at the end but it kind of didn’t come out right.

The problem with version 2 is that I don’t know if it’s any better than version #1 and I still don’t think it’s good enough for people to stop and look at and then share. And for other sites to reference back to.

Version #1 text: IG – Version #1

Version #2 text: IG – Version 2


Version #1 (issues: Intro is confusing, too many studies, not enough data, awkward layout, writing could be better, studies aren’t ordered by how interesting they are and some of the best ones are buried towards the middle)


Version #2 (issues: Intro is less confusing, number of studies reduced to 6, not enough data, awkward layout, writing could be better, studies are ordered by how interesting they are). But… It’s still not really compelling.

the emotional world of dogs


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