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Korat Cat Insurance

With their shimmering fur, large green eyes and heart-shaped heads, Korats are striking animals.

They are also sociable and very cuddly, not to mention relatively hypoallergenic.

In their native Thailand, where they have been bred for hundreds of years, Korats are thought to bring good luck.

These cats form tight bonds with their owners and like to be the center of attention, though they are one of the less talkative of the Siamese-type of cats.

Not surprisingly, Korats have become quite popular in the US since being introduced in the 1950s.

Korat catShould You Purchase Pet Insurance for your Korat Cat?

Because of their long breeding history, Korats are among the healthier of purebreds, regularly living for more than 15 years.

They are however particularly susceptible to a couple of conditions:

  • Feline Diabetes (diabetes mellitus): as in humans, this disease is caused by a deficiency in insulin, a hormone that is crucial for the metabolism of sugars. A cat with diabetes will lose weight, and will drink and urinate excessively. Diagnosis is made based on urinalysis and blood work. The disease can be controlled with a combination of changes in diet and medication, including the administration of insulin orally or by injection.
  • Gangliosidosis: also known as lysosomal storage disease, this inherited disease occurs when one or another of the enzymes required to metabolize fats is missing or defective. As a consequence, fat molecules build up in the nerve cells, leading to a progressive loss of motor control. Fortunately, a test exists to ensure that neither parent of a kitten carries the gene that is associated with the disease—which is one more reason to acquire your cat only from a licensed breeder who will provide documentation of a cat’s genetic fitness.

A unique cat like the Korat comes at a price, in this case upwards of $500 for a kitten, so it only makes sense to consider insurance as part of what it takes to bring a Korat into your family.


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