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Why Changing Your Cat’s Food is Risky

dry cat food

This has happened to too many cat parents: They’re browsing through the cat food aisle when they see a brand new food. Checking the ingredient list and seeing the picture of a well-fed, happy cat on the label convinces them to buy a few cans (or a bag, if it’s dry) of the new food. Anticipating a ...


10 Hidden Hazards for Indoor Cats

cat hazards

Is Your Indoor Cat Safe? You want your cat to have a long, happy life, so you follow the ASPCA’s advice and keep your beloved cat inside. But just because your cat is safe from outdoor dangers doesn’t mean she’s safe from all dangers. Hazards lurk on both sides of the door. The indoor hazards are ...


5 Ways to Ease Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

anxious dog with anxiety

The big eyes, the hysterical barking, the whining, the destruction of property--separation anxiety in our canine companions can be as stressful and emotionally draining for us as it is for them. Unfortunately, what works for humankind isn't exactly what works for our dogs, therefore in our attempts ...


Pets and Children CAN Live Together!

dog insurance

One of the top three reasons that people give up their pets involves children. Rescue groups receive hundreds of calls and emails every week from people who claim to love their pets, but just can't keep their pets in the home because of the children. Many rescue groups won't adopt to young couples, ...


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