Overview Of Healthy Paws Coverage

Overview Of Healthy Paws Coverage

Healthy Paws is considered by its customers to offer the very best pet insurance available. A Healthy Paws policy delivers what pet owners need, including no lifetime limits on claims, low deductibles, generous reimbursements, and coverage of alternative therapies, not to mention a stellar reputation for customer service. The policy is entirely flexible and a great choice all around. Healthy Paws was founded by pet lovers who understand the struggles that pet owners go through and the expenses involved when a medical emergency occurs. The following is a brief summary of what Healthy Paws pet insurance provides for its customers.

What Healthy Paws covers

The policy extends to any and all medical expenses incurred during the treatment of a pet’s illnesses or accident-related injuries. The treatment also covers any costs associated with congenital and hereditary conditions, including diagnostic testing, hospitalization, surgery, and medication. Insurance claims are filed after the pet has received treatment.

The policy provides benefits for the pet’s lifetime from the moment of purchase. There are no annual or per incident limits, unlike most other pet insurance policies currently on the market today.

Even better, you can customize your annual deductible as well the level of reimbursement to suit your preferences.

Special condition

Coverage of hip dysplasia is unlimited for the pet’s lifetime, provided that the policy is purchased before the pet is six years of age and that the mandatory 12-month waiting period has passed.


  • Any pre-existing conditions that appear during the waiting period, which is 15 days for other conditions and 12 months for hip dysplasia.
  • Regular veterinarian visits are not covered.
  • Spaying and neutering are not covered.
  • Coverage does not include preventive care, such as grooming and flea management.

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