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Top 10 Health Products for Dogs (No. 2 is Best)

Regular care for your dog can be expensive, and when the unexpected occurs, a trip to the vet can break the bank! Many pet owners don’t realize that they can treat minor health issues (and prevent more serious ones) at home, without the costly vet bill. But with so many pet health products out ...


Why Changing Your Cat’s Food is Risky

dry cat food

This has happened to too many cat parents: They’re browsing through the cat food aisle when they see a brand new food. Checking the ingredient list and seeing the picture of a well-fed, happy cat on the label convinces them to buy a few cans (or a bag, if it’s dry) of the new food. Anticipating a ...


Common Ailments in Older Pets

Editor's choiceold pets health problems

Common Ailments in Older Pets Pets grow more susceptible to diseases and injuries as they age. Their immune systems aren't as strong as they once were, so it's harder to fight off viruses and bacteria. Normal wear and tear takes its toll on muscles and bones, causing degeneration and painful ...


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