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Cat Insurance

cat insurance

5 Essential Steps for Choosing Cat Insurance With their curiosity and penchant for getting into pretty much everything, cats may need a trip to the vet at any time. They can eat the wrong things, get into fights or suffer from feline asthma, bladder infections, chronic vomiting or any number of ...


Why Changing Your Cat’s Food is Risky

dry cat food

This has happened to too many cat parents: They’re browsing through the cat food aisle when they see a brand new food. Checking the ingredient list and seeing the picture of a well-fed, happy cat on the label convinces them to buy a few cans (or a bag, if it’s dry) of the new food. Anticipating a ...


Cymric Cat Insurance

Cymric Cat Breed Insurance Cymrics are essentially long-haired Manx cats, sharing with that breed the rounded head, widely spaced ears, big eyes and of course stubby tail. Despite its Welsh name, the breed originated in Canada, where it was developed from the Manx. These cats are very friendly, ...


10 Hidden Hazards for Indoor Cats

cat hazards

Is Your Indoor Cat Safe? You want your cat to have a long, happy life, so you follow the ASPCA’s advice and keep your beloved cat inside. But just because your cat is safe from outdoor dangers doesn’t mean she’s safe from all dangers. Hazards lurk on both sides of the door. The indoor hazards are ...


Cornish Rex Cat Insurance


Cornish Rex Cat Insurance Most cats have three kinds of hair that make up their fur, but not the Cornish Rex: its coat is entirely made up of down. The breed originated in 1950 in, naturally, Cornwall in England. The result of the genetic mutation that defines the Cornish Rex is a fine, textured ...


Can a Feral Cat Work as a Pet?

All cats are special, but some tug on your heartstrings more than others. If there’s a scrawny, scaredy cat that lives rough in your neighborhood, it’s difficult for any cat lover to walk past and not be moved. The Caring Begins... In the winter, you put food out. The cat starts to recognize ...


Bombay Cat Insurance


Bombay Cat Insurance The Bombay was developed in the mid-twentieth century in an effort to create a cat that looks like a miniature black panther. With its copper-colored eyes and short black coat, this attractive cat is very active and social, getting along well with children and other pets. ...


Chausie Cat Insurance


Chausie Cat Insurance Chausies are a mix between jungle cat and domestic cat, and was one of the first to be recognized as a domestic feline by the International Cat Association. The early jungle cat hybrids were likely born thousands of years ago in Egypt. The jungle cat was actually one of the ...


Chartreux Cat Insurance


Chartreux Cat Insurance The Chartreux cat is commonly thought to be associated with the Carthusian monks of France because of their name. However, it's recently been discovered that they more than likely came from Spain and their name was a product of their woolly character that represented a ...


Burmese Cat Insurance


Burmese Cat Insurance Burmese cats are loving and outgoing. They love to play, snuggle and talk to their people. This breed descended from one chocolate cat named Wong Mau, brought from Burma by a sailor in the 1920s. He gave the female to a Siamese breeder, who started pairing her with seal-point ...


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