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Pet Insurance Terms

Pre-Existing Conditions

pet insurance pre-existing conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions: What's Not Covered? The precise definition of a pet insurance pre-existing conditions varies from one provider to another. For example: One policy defines any illnesses that occurred 18 months before enrollment as pre-existing. Another provider defines pre-existing ...


Pet Insurance – Accident and Illness Coverage

accident illness pet insurance

If your pet ever becomes sick or injured, an expensive veterinarian bill should not stop you from getting the best care possible. If your pet develops a chronic health condition like kidney disease and hyperthyroidism treatment could cost you thousands of dollars. These types of conditions will ...


Pet Insurance Deductibles

Deductibles are an important part of any pet insurance plan. Like deductibles for your own health insurance, pet insurance deductibles are expenses that are paid out of pocket before the insurance company pays anything. Deductibles prevent insurance providers from having to deal with a large amount ...



If you are a caring and passionate pet owner, you must procure an excellent pet insurance for your pet. The insurance covers your pet against unexpected health concerns. Here are a few facts about pet insurance: A pet requires an emergency medical attention every two and half seconds. A ...


Pet Insurance: Claim Limits

Pet insurance helps cushion one from the hefty medical bill if, by ill luck, the pet falls sick or gets injured. There are many diversified policies in pet insurance albeit the most prevalent ones are annual policies and long-standing policies. The difference in policies frequently arises because ...


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