Peterbald Cat Insurance

Peterbald Cat Insurance

Instantly recognizable by their hairless bodies, Peterbalds are truly a breed apart. Surprising to some people, they are just like other cats: active, social and affectionate, they bond well with children and dogs. Peterbalds originated in Russia in the 1990s as the result of a cross between a Don Hairless and a shorthair. Kittens have fur at birth, and become mostly or entirely hairless within a year or two. For obvious reasons, these cats need to be protected from the sun and the cold. And though they certainly don’t need to be brushed, their skin should be wiped down regularly to prevent the buildup of oils.

Should you Purchase Insurance for your Peterbald Cat?

Perhaps because it is a relatively new breed, there are no reports of Peterbalds being particularly susceptible to specific illnesses. A very few suffer from feline ectodermal dysplasia, a hereditary deformity that may lead to the birth of a kitten with abnormal or missing teeth, but kittens who suffer from this condition are of course culled by breeders.

All the same, every cat will experience health problems of some sort during its lifetime. A pet health insurance plan can ensure that your feline friend will receive first-class care, whether in an emergency or when dealing with the conditions that are bound to arise in middle and old age.


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