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Rhodesian Ridgeback Pet Insurance

rhodesioan ridgeback pet insurance

Do You Need Rhodesian Ridgeback Pet Insurance? If your not-so-little-one is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, it's a good plan to invest in pet insurance. While they are very loyal companions who will love their family unconditionally, they have a strong hunting instinct that can get them into trouble and, ...


Dog Insurance: 5 Things You Must Know

dog insurance

From an ear infection to a swallowed squeaky, there are tons of reasons why your dog will need to head to the vet over his lifetime. Invest in pet insurance and you get peace if mind while ensuring those vet visits don’t break the bank. Medical insurance for dogs was designed to take care of ...


Beagle Pet Insurance

Beagle Pet Insurance

Beagles are small to mid-sized hounds, weighing in at around 22 pounds (10 kg), with coats that are a mix of brown, white and black. The breed was standardized in England in the nineteenth century. They are excellent hunting and service dogs, with one of the best senses of smell in the canine ...


Chow Chow Pet Insurance

chow chow pet insurance

Chow Chow Dog Insurance The Chow Chow has the noble attribute of a lion, the drollness of pandas, the loyalty of a dog and the grace of a cat. This unique dog breed has catlike features like being proud, very intelligent and wanting to be independent. He can be very attentive to his owner, and ...


Collie Pet Insurance

collie pet insurance

The collie is an iconic Australian breed developed for herding animals that is friendly, loyal and very energetic. They dogs are also highly intelligent, capable of being trained to recognize hundreds of vocal commands. Collies are fairly large, averaging around 35 to 55 pounds (16 to 25 kg) and 1 ...


Bullmastiff Pet Insurance

bullmastiff pet insurance

Bullmastiffs originated in the 1800s in England, where they were bred as guard dogs. They are large, weighing around 120 pounds (54 kg) and standing around 2 feet (64 cm) tall. With careful training and socialization, and lots of play and exercise, Bulmastiffs can make good family pets, and they ...


Chihuahua Pet Insurance

chihuahua pet insurance

The Chihuahuais the world’s smallest breed of dog, weighing around 2 pounds (1 kg) and standing around 8 inches (20 cm) tall. The name comes from the state in Mexico where the breed originated, and it is thought to descend from dogs that were kept before the arrival of Europeans in the New World. ...


Boxer Pet Insurance

boxer pet insurance

The Boxer is an athletic, shorthaired breed that originated in Germany. These fairly large dogs, weighing on average around 70 pounds (32 kg), are intensely loyal to their owners and make great companions for individuals and families, as well as excellent guard dogs, though they dislike being left ...


Dachshund Pet Insurance

dachshund pet insurance

The short legs and long bodies of Dachshunds were selected for by breeders in Germany who wanted a dog that could hunt burrowing animals like the badger, Dachs in German. Most "wiener dogs" have short brown and/or black fur, though there are also long- and wire-haired, and piebald, varieties. ...


Cocker Spaniel Pet Insurance

cocker spaniel pet insurance

There are actually two breeds of Cocker spaniel, English and American. The English breed was developed in that country hundreds of years ago as a bird dog, taking its name from the woodcock; the American breed was derived from the English in the early 1900s. These dogs are mid-sized, weighing ...


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