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Cat Insurance

cat insurance

5 Essential Steps for Choosing Cat Insurance With their curiosity and penchant for getting into pretty much everything, cats may need a trip to the vet at any time. They can eat the wrong things, get into fights or suffer from feline asthma, bladder infections, chronic vomiting or any number of ...


Beagle Pet Insurance

Beagle Pet Insurance

Beagles are small to mid-sized hounds, weighing in at around 22 pounds (10 kg), with coats that are a mix of brown, white and black. The breed was standardized in England in the nineteenth century. They are excellent hunting and service dogs, with one of the best senses of smell in the canine ...


Bullmastiff Pet Insurance

bullmastiff pet insurance

Bullmastiffs originated in the 1800s in England, where they were bred as guard dogs. They are large, weighing around 120 pounds (54 kg) and standing around 2 feet (64 cm) tall. With careful training and socialization, and lots of play and exercise, Bulmastiffs can make good family pets, and they ...


Chihuahua Pet Insurance

chihuahua pet insurance

The Chihuahuais the world’s smallest breed of dog, weighing around 2 pounds (1 kg) and standing around 8 inches (20 cm) tall. The name comes from the state in Mexico where the breed originated, and it is thought to descend from dogs that were kept before the arrival of Europeans in the New World. ...


Boxer Pet Insurance

boxer pet insurance

The Boxer is an athletic, shorthaired breed that originated in Germany. These fairly large dogs, weighing on average around 70 pounds (32 kg), are intensely loyal to their owners and make great companions for individuals and families, as well as excellent guard dogs, though they dislike being left ...


Australian Shepherd Pet Insurance

australian shepherd pet insurance

This breed's name is misleading, since it actually originated in the US, where it was bred in the nineteenth century as a herding dog; Australian shepherds have long been associated with the American West.These are mid-sized dogs, averaging around 50 pounds (23 kg), with fluffy white fur with black ...


Basset Hound Pet Insurance

basset hound pet insurance

The Basset hound is an iconic breed, with its droopy ears and face, stocky legs and almost unbelievable capacity to follow scents. Bassets originated in France, where they were bred to hunt rabbits; they are mid- to large-sized dogs, averaging around 60 pounds (27 kg) with short, white, brown ...


Bernese Mountain Pet Insurance

bernese mountain pet insurance

The Bernese Mountain Dog is large, averaging 90 pounds (41 kg), with mid-length black, brown and white fur. The breed takes its name from Switzerland's capital city; it was developed in the region as a work dog suited to the high elevations and rugged terrain of the Alps. Bernese are calm and ...


Bombay Cat Insurance


Bombay Cat Insurance The Bombay was developed in the mid-twentieth century in an effort to create a cat that looks like a miniature black panther. With its copper-colored eyes and short black coat, this attractive cat is very active and social, getting along well with children and other pets. ...


Chausie Cat Insurance


Chausie Cat Insurance Chausies are a mix between jungle cat and domestic cat, and was one of the first to be recognized as a domestic feline by the International Cat Association. The early jungle cat hybrids were likely born thousands of years ago in Egypt. The jungle cat was actually one of the ...


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