Tonkinese Cat Insurance

Tonkinese Cat Insurance

Tonkinese are mid-sized cats with tan, silky coats and blue-to-green eyes that were produced by crossing Burmese and Siamese in the 1960s, though they bear a striking resemblance to cats depicted by Thai artists hundreds of years earlier. These cats are very sociable and clever, and quite talkative. They are also very active, and tend to get cranky if they don’t receive lots of attention.

Should you Purchase Insurance for your Tonkinese Cat?

Tonkinese cats are robust and are not known to suffer from any breed-specific problems, though breeding has left them particularly susceptible to some common feline health issues:

  • Feline gingivitis: some cats experience an inflammation of the gums that, if left untreated, can lead to the loss of teeth and decay of the roots, as well as inflammations of the tonsils and larynx. Symptoms include drooling and severe halitosis. Treatment (and prevention) involves deep cleaning, a special diet and medication to clear up any underlying infections.
  • Feline hyperthyroidism: adult cats can develop non-malignant tumors of the thyroid gland that result in the over-production of hormones that regulate the heart rate. As a consequence, the heart can become enlarged and inefficient at pumping blood, potentially threatening the life of the cat. Preliminary diagnosis is made through examination of the neck for the enlarged gland, and is confirmed by blood work. Treatment involves administration of drugs and/or surgery, and in some instances radioactive iodine therapy.

Knowing that your Tonkinese may develop conditions like these, owners can prepare themselves for the financial shock caused by multiple vet visits and expensive treatments by seeking out a pet insurance plan that caters to the special needs of these special cats.



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