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Trichiasis in Dogs

Cost of Treatment: $350 to $2,000 (Which can be covered with pet insurance).

What is Trichiasis in Dogs?

Trichiasis is an eyelash disorder found in dogs where the eyelashes grow towards their eye. The eyelash hair can come into contact with and damage the cornea or conjunctiva of the eye. It is caused by an abnormal facial conformation and some breeds are genetically predisposed.

Which Dog Breeds Are Most Commonly Affected by Trichiasis?

Symptoms of Trichiasis in Dogs

  • Abnormal twitching of the eyelid (blepharospasm)
  • Change in the color of the eye
  • Overflow of tears (epiphora)
  • Swelling of the eyes

Treatment of Trichiasis in Dogs

If your dog has eye irritation due to the contact of the eyelashes with the cornea, topical treatments (e.g. eye drops) and analgesics may be needed to relieve the discomfort. In some patients, the hair will be cut short to prevent eye irritation, while other patients may need surgery to correct the defect.

Resources for Trichiasis in Dogs

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