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Yorkshire Terrier Pet Insurance

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy dog that was originally bred in Yorkshire, England in the 1800s to catch rats in cotton mills. Yorkies have long, silky fur but do not shed very much, and are tolerated by some people with allergies. These dogs are energetic and like to be the center of attention, but they can be stubborn and territorial, and are not recommended for families with young children. Their propensity to bark at strangers makes them good watchdogs.

Should you Purchase Insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkies are generally healthy, living on average 12 to 15 years. As breed they are known to be at risk for a number of health problems:

  • Breathing problems: these dogs’ short snouts can restrict airflow, and if the condition is severe enough surgery may be required to reconstruct the airway.
  • Bronchitis: the airways of dogs, like those of people, can become obstructed by fluid or inhaled objects, resulting in a cough. If the cough persists more than a day or two, owners are advised to consult their veterinarians, who can if necessary administer drugs to treat infections and to relax the bronchial tubes.
  • Lymphangiectasia: this condition results from improper functioning of the lymphatic system, which can result in inflammation and hypertension that can have secondary effects on the intestines and heart. Symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting, weight loss and edema in the legs and body. Diagnosis is made based on biopsies of the affected tissue; treatment includes special diets and oral administration of steroids and other drugs.
  • Portosystemic shunt: this congenital condition, which afflicts smaller breeds in particular, occurs when a blood vessel misdirects blood so that it bypasses flowing through the liver. Toxic compounds may therefore form accretions in the kidneys and/or circulatory system. Affected dogs may be lethargic and eat and drink abnormally. Treatment includes medication and special diets.

Responsible Yorkie owners know that even the most conscientious breeders cannot guarantee that a puppy will not develop illnesses like these. In addition, these dogs react poorly to anesthetics, which can complicate treatment. Many owners find that pet health insurance makes sense as a way to manage medical costs and be certain that their dogs will receive the best care available.



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The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy dog that was originally bred in Yorkshire, England in the 1800s to catch rats in cotton mills.
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  • Jane

    My parents always had Yorkies and they absolutely adored them. Our Yorkies were show dogs and were entered regularly in competitions around Europe. I remember that they suffered from all sorts of random ailments but I was too young to be aware of what kind of insurance my parents had. I didn’t realise the list of common ailments was so long. Thankfully you seem to have a good selection of suitable pet insurance for Yorkies.


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