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Why Do Cats Groom So Much?

Cat lovers know how our cats are such clean pets because they groom themselves all the time.

Not that we’re complaining.

As it turns out, cats will spend half the day grooming themselves to keep themselves clean.

We absolutely enjoy the benefits, but why do cats groom so often?

Cats learn grooming from birth.

The mother cat instinctively groom their kittens as soon as they are born.

Kittens learn this process and then groom themselves as their mothers have showed them.

When a kitten is born and is one of many in the litter they will groom their kitty litter mates as well.

Or even when simply sitting next to each other…in harmony!

Reasons Why Your Cat Grooms

To Clean Themselves Thoroughly

Cats will groom daily merely to keep themselves clean.

Their tongue acts as a brush or even a sponge bath to remove some of the dirt.

brown and white cat grooming its paw

Cats are among the cleanest pets and their daily grooming regimen is a sign that they are healthy.

To Clean Injuries

Cats will clean themselves to heal or clean any injury that might have occurred.

They can also removed dead skin by licking their fur.

To Prevent Predators From Smelling Them

Cats’ have the incredible ability to smell and they use their scent to attract predators.

Cats are able to find their predators through their scent due to their excellent sense of smell.

A cat, that is roaming in the wild, will groom he kittens to prevent any predator from picking up their smell or scent.

With a thorough grooming, the smell is gone.

To Lubricate Their Own Fur

When a cat decides to groom themselves, they used their tongues to help lubricate their fur.

By licking their fur, it’s another way for them to get rid of flees.

Emotional Grooming

This type of grooming helps a cat feel better emotionally.

Grooming can help calm a kitty that is feeling stressed or even tense.

This type of grooming will help resolve their fearful demeanor and thoughts.

Temperature Control Grooming

Cats don’t have the ability to sweat and grooming is their instinctive way to help cool off their bodies.  It can actually help warm themselves up when it’s cold out.

When a cat licks his or her fur, the follicles will help a cat raise and lower his temperature.

Mutual Grooming Of Other Cats

You probably have seen cats grooming each other which is completely endearing.

This is really more of a social type of grooming.

It really is their way of expressing their love to you or even their love to your other kitty.  Or sometimes dog.

Some cats will lick you and that is their way of expressing their love.

If your cat stops grooming, this could be a sign of a health issue and it might be time to take your cat to the vet.

On the other hand, if your cat is excessively grooming and pulling out his or her fur, you should speak with your vet to find out the cause.

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