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Dog Breeds

If you just brought a puppy home or already have a dog, you know how much fun they can be and how much trouble they can get into!

It’s very common for a dog to injure his paw or swallow something toxic because dogs like to put anything and everything in their mouths. Especially puppies.

And when your dog gets injured or sick, pet insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run.

But is pet insurance worth the cost?

dog breeds

If your dog is a purebred or even a mix of breeds, he or she is more likely to have an inherent hereditary or congenital condition that is prevalent to that breed.

For example, Labradors tend to have hip and cruciate ligament issues that can become costly to treat.

All it takes is one hip surgery or elbow replacement issue that can cost thousands of dollars to cure.  And that’s if your dog has no other sickness or injury!

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If you are enrolled in pet insurance, you will be really relieved when any condition or illness can be covered up to 90%.

This is why it’s always a good idea to enroll your dog in a pet insurance policy when he or she is just a puppy.  Not only are the rates less at this time, but your dog won’t be covered for any issue that might occur before you have started a new policy.

No insurance provider will cover what is called a pre-existing condition or any condition that exists in your dog when you purchase insurance.

This is precisely why if you have a dog that is a breed that is prone to hereditary or congenital conditions, pet insurance can really be a great money-saver and a no-brainer decision.  You should enroll!

To help you understand what kind of conditions are inherent in the different dog breeds we have created a list just for you!

Need Pet Insurance?

FACT: Pet insurance pays up to 90% of vet bills when your pet is sick or injured!

List of Dog Breeds

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After looking at your dog breed, you can see why pet insurance can be really important to have.

However, make sure the company you decide to enroll in includes coverage for hereditary and congenital issues.

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Not all pet insurance companies do offer coverage for these kinds of conditions, but the best pet insurance companies will have these covered under the basic policies.

For example, both Healthy Paws and Embrace include hereditary and congenital conditions in their coverage.

If you want to take a quick look at some to the top companies that provide coverage for breed-specific conditions, our comparison chart can help.

If you’re looking for insurance for your expensive dog breed, don’t worry. We have you covered.

Maybe you’re looking for insurance for your small family dog. We’ve got you there too.

Do you suffer from pet allergies? We have compiled a list of hypoallergenic dogs that may help you decide which breed best fits your family.

Always get a quote from at least a few providers, have a list of questions about your dog and what you expect out of your policy and see which pet insurance works the best for you.

All it takes is one unexpected illness or even worse, a life-long condition, and you will be so relieved to have enrolled in a pet insurance policy.  Isn’t your beloved dog worth it?!


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