Doberman Pinscher Dog Insurance - Reviews and Comparisons Doberman Pinscher Dog Insurance - Reviews and Comparisons
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Doberman Pinscher Pet Insurance

Whoever coined the phrase mans best friend for dogs must have had the Doberman Pinscher in mind. Because, you will not find a more loyal, loving and family oriented dog in any other breed. The Doberman Pinscher is elegant, muscular and powerful with a square and compact body, built for great endurance and speed. A Doberman is sensitive, keenly alert, fearless and is fiercely protective to a very high degree. It is, not for nothing that he is called the dog with the human mind.

Is Doberman Pinscher Dog Insurance Worth the Cost?

Every type of purebred dog has some sort of health problem to which it is particularly susceptible. Regardless of what the breeder says and despite its parents being perfectly healthy, the Doberman, like most breeds, is prone to a few hereditary diseases. As a Doberman owner; you should be familiar with the major and minor problems affecting this wonderful breed and get protection from the unknown through dog insurance. Health of your dog is your priority and no matter the cost, Doberman Pinscher dog insurance surely lessens the burden of expensive veterinarian bills.

Best Dog Insurance Plans for Doberman Pinschers

It is useful to research on dog insurance policies before opting to get the right one. Four different types of plans include-

  • Time-limited pet insurance- Costing $7.6-30 monthly, it is a basic policy for paying vet bills for short-term illnesses and is for a limited period during a year.
  • Accident only pet insurance- Costing less than $7.6 monthly, it covers dog accidents and injuries only.
  • Per condition pet insurance- This insurance helps you to claim coverage for a single medical condition only. The higher the claim, the higher is the monthly payment. It is not time-limited.
  • Lifetime pet insurance- Costing $20-122 monthly, this policy is the best as it provides comprehensive coverage. Some companies like Embrace offer personalized plans and others even make offers for pet groups. They fix final rates depending upon your dogs locality and age.

Comparing Dog Insurance for Doberman Pinschers

There are many different dog insurance companies which offer a variety of coverage options for Doberman Pinscher dog insurance. Dog owners prefer an insurance policy that is well matched to their needs of dog healthcare as well as budget. The 2 step method for comparing insurance plans is:

  • You need to first make a list of the best dog insurance companies depending upon the comprehensiveness and flexibility of their policy. They should not have limitations on hereditary diseases.(e.g. Embrace, Healthy paws etc.)
  • Next, clear your basics on dog insurance deals and compare prices and discounts provided by the listed companies. They should not provide only routine care and additionally charge you for other problems.

Making the right choice is important as you do not want to make a claim that does not cover your Dobermans illness.

Common Doberman Pinscher Dog Health Problems

Dobermans are susceptible to genetic problems which they may face in their lifetime of 10-11 years. As dog owners you need to be watchful for signs of potential health issues. Some of them include:

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy Falling under the larger breed of dogs, Doberman Pinschers tend to have heart problems and nearly 40% of dilated Cardiomyopathy (heart muscles becoming non-functional) cases are of Dobermans.
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease Similar to haemophilia in humans, this disease prevents blood from clotting. This means that dogs require quick medical attention without delay in the case of an injury. The cost for treatment is approximately $500-$1,000.
  • Hip Dysplasia Dobermans commonly suffer from a hereditary problem in the hip joint called hip dysplasia. Treatment of this problem costs about $4,000-$6,000.
  • Hypothyroidism Low production of thyroid hormone can cause weight loss, poor hair coat and infertility. Monthly treatment of $20 is required to prevent fatal conditions.

These health problems can become severe and make operations complicated and sometimes fatal. Having the correct dog insurance plan can provide your dog with the best care possible.


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Doberman Pinscher Dog Insurance
Whoever coined the phrase mans best friend for dogs must have had the Doberman Pinscher in mind. Because, you will not find a more loyal, loving and family oriented dog in any other breed.
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