Top 10 Health Products for Dogs (No. 2 is Best)

Regular care for your dog can be expensive, and when the unexpected occurs, a trip to the vet can break the bank! Many pet owners don’t realize that they can treat minor health issues (and prevent more serious ones) at home, without the costly vet bill.

But with so many pet health products out there, how do you know which to use? To save you time and money, we’ve narrowed it down to the best- based on advice from vets, our dog health experts, and owners just like you! Take a look below for the Top 10 Pet Health Products to treat everything from minor skin irritations to ear infections and allergies.


1. Best Dog Ear Cleaner: Zymox


From regular ear cleaning to ear infections, nothing beats this non-toxic, highly effective cleanser. Chemical-conscious dog owners love it and veterinarians recommend it.

2. Treat Dog Ear Infections: Zymox


For itchy and inflamed ears, Zymox works fast to provide relief and healing-even for the most stubborn infections. It can be used topically on other areas of your pet’s body, too. When 3 rounds of antibiotics failed, one of our writers used it on her dog’s chronic skin infection, and saw results in less than a week!

3. Dog Skin and Coat Supplement


A rich source of fatty acids that nourish the skin and coat from the inside out. Fish oil plumps up the skin and strengthens its ability to function as a protective barrier. Dog food is usually high in protein and carbohydrates, but lacks healthy fats that dogs need.

4. Best Dog Shampoo: Zymox


For external skin issues, the Zymox brand wins again with a powerful yet gentle shampoo. Used routinely, dog owners have reported that this shampoo has improved itching from infections, allergies, and fleas. All while being safe and non-toxic!

5. Dog Allergies & Digestion: Rx Biotic


We’ve all heard about the importance of probiotics for humans, and the benefits are just as great for our four-legged friends. Probiotics can improve allergies, digestion, and help your dog absorb more nutrients from his food. This is the most potent and bioavailable probiotic for pets- try it before harsh, expensive prescription drugs. The difference is amazing!

6. Dog Allergies & Digestion: GastroThera


Is your dog suffering from endless itching and skin flare-ups no matter what you do? Typically a vet will say it’s a food allergy, but it could actually be caused by a leaky gut (yep, dogs get leaky guts, too!). This food supplement improves the function of the gut lining to prevent leakage. It’s a sure fix!

7. Dog Joint Supplement: Lubrisyn


Older dogs and dogs prone to knee, hip, and elbow dysplasia lose the soft internal cushioning that keeps joints mobile and pain-free. Lubricate achy, arthritic joints with powerful hyaluronic acid in a flavorless, easy-to-feed liquid. (We’ve got your knees covered too-there’s a human version!)

8 Dog Skin Issues: Chlorhexidine Mousse & Wipes


Chlorhexidine is an all-around product for skin, paws, ears, and tail to keep yeast, germs, and bacteria away. The mousse is easy and mess-free to apply, while the wipes are great for skin folds, paws, and tail pockets.

9. Best Supplement for Dog Joints: Glycoflex


For prevention of arthritis or improving arthritis symptoms, and for keeping your dog active (and happy!). Veterinarians love this product; it combines the most powerful ingredients for healthy joints into one tasty treat.

10. Dog Skin Issues: Veterycin


This universal antibiotic product works on any area that needs healing fast, without a prescription or a pricey vet bill. Give it a try for minor issues before heading to the vet. A must-have for any pet owner!

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