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Boxer Cardiomyopathy

Cost of Treatment: $450 to $1,100

What Is Boxer Cardiomyopathy

Also known as Boxer ARVC, boxer cardiomyopathy is a genetic disorder marked by an abnormal heartbeat originating from the heart’s right ventricle.

The condition can lead to an enlargement of the right side of the heart, reduced capabilities to pump blood out to the rest of the body, and congestive heart failure.

The disease is typically diagnosed through a number of tests that can include a physical exam, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and a Holter monitor, which records a patient’s EKG for 24 hours.

While a genetic test for boxer cardiomyopathy is available, it’s not always fully conclusive.

ALERT: Dogs suffering from boxer cardiomyopathy have an increased risk of sudden cardiac death.

Dog Breeds Prone to Boxer Cardiomyopathy

A number of breeds are more prone to the disease others, with some of the most prone breeds including:

Cost of Treatment: $450 to $1,100

Boxer Cardiomyopathy Treatment

Anti-arrhythmic therapy through medication is the standard treatment for boxer ARVC. The aim of anti-arrhythmic therapy is to help regulate the heartbeat and reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.

A definitive diagnosis of the condition can usually only be obtained through an echocardiogram, which can run upwards of $500.

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