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Comprehensive Pet Insurance Explained

If you are looking to enroll in a new pet insurance company or want to change providers, there are many decisions to make.

You have to find the best plan.

And then once you enroll, you are going to choose the right deductible, reimbursement level, benefit levels and more.

One of the most important decisions to make is the coverage for your pet.

There are a few different coverage options that are available with comprehensive pet insurance being the best and most popular coverage available.

yellow Labrador at the vet sitting on the exam table

And here’s why!

What is Comprehensive Pet Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive pet insurance (also known as accident and illness insurance) is the broadest in scope and covers almost any accident or illness that might occur with your pet.

And the treatment, testing, and diagnosis that goes with it.

Comprehensive pet care coverage will include the treatment of broken bones or paws, cancer, ear infections, diabetes, and numerous other conditions.

In fact, our glossary of the different cat and dog health problems should all be covered under a comprehensive policy.

As long as the condition isn’t pre-existing.

Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage

There are many benefits that come with enrolling in a comprehensive pet insurance policy.

After all, it has the widest range of coverage.

Continuous Coverage

Comprehensive medical coverage will offer continued coverage for your pet.

If your dog or cat develops a long term illness, like cancer, diabetes or even an ear infection that needs continuous treatment, a good comprehensive policy will cover the care.

And the testing, diagnosis, and medication that is needed for that specific illness or condition.

Hereditary, Chronic & Congenital Conditions

Any good comprehensive pet insurance policy will cover all hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions.

Some will have it as an additional rider or cost, but the best plans like Healthy Paws covers all these conditions as long as they aren’t pre-existing.

There are certain breeds of dogs and cats that are pre-disposed to specific hereditary and congenital and even chronic conditions.

If your cat or dog is one of those breeds, make sure to get coverage before the condition occurs.

Diagnostic Testing

All testing from MRI’s, radiography, ultrasounds, blood tests and more are covered under comprehensive pet insurance.

Emergency Vet Visit

If your dog or cat is hurt or has a serious injury over the weekend or after hours, you want to know that your bill will be covered by any veterinarian or vet hospital in the United States.

In fact, most comprehensive policies allow you to visit any vet hospital when you travel or are on vacation.

Specialists Care

If your dog or cat needs to see a cardiologist or any type of specialist, this treatment and visit should be covered.


Surgery of any kind from an injured paw to a dental injury can get very expensive and will be covered under a good, solid plan.

Hospital Stay

Just like emergency care, any hospital visit or overnight stay will be covered.

Prescription Medication

Most comprehensive pet insurance policies will cover prescriptions and something to look out for when enrolling in a policy.

Some companies will even cover up to 50 % of the prescribed food.

Alternative Therapy

Some of the best pet insurance companies include alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture and even chiropractic work.

Alternative therapy is great for older pets or those who don’t respond well to other types of medical treatment.

If this is important to you, make sure to choose a pet insurance company that includes it.

Embrace and Healthy Paws include alternative therapy in all of their plans.

What Comprehensive Coverage Does Not Include

A comprehensive pet insurance plan does not include any pre-existing condition as mentioned above or any wellness plan.

A wellness plan is used generally for vet visits and preventative care procedures.

This is an additional cost and must be added on to any pet insurance policy.

Dental work is not covered under a comprehensive plan unless it is associated with an accident or illness.

Dental pet insurance is structured differently and usually part of a wellness plan.

Summing Up Comprehensive Pet Insurance

You can see why a comprehensive pet insurance policy is the way to go because it covers practically everything your pet might encounter.

Each pet insurance company is different, but most will cover all of the above and even more!

Figure out what is the most important treatment that you might want for your pet and make sure the policy covers at least that care and more.

Sure, a comprehensive policy might be more expensive than an accident only plan (which covers much less and really no illnesses), but at least you know that your pet will always be covered.

If you are looking for some great pet insurance providers with a good comprehensive policy, our top 10 pet insurance companies of 2019 is a great place to start.

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