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Hereditary and Congenital Health Issues in Dogs

When choosing a new pet insurance policy, it is important to find out if the company will cover hereditary and congenital health issues.

Both hereditary and congenital conditions are very important to treat and can be expensive to do so.

This is just one of the many reasons to sign up for pet insurance…to be able to afford the care for these conditions.

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Hereditary Conditions in Dogs

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Hereditary conditions are any illness or condition that has a suspected or proven genetic cause.

Hereditary conditions are usually passed down to your cat or dog from their parents.

Most hereditary conditions are breed-specific which means that certain breeds are prone to these conditions.

If you have a certain breed that is pre-disposed to any hereditary issue, pet insurance will help you pay for the care and medical expenses that could occur.

Pet insurance companies like Healthy Paws will always cover both hereditary and congenital conditions in all of their plans.

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Examples of Common Dog Hereditary Conditions

There are many more hereditary conditions than those listed and if your pet is prone to any hereditary conditions, make sure that your pet insurance company will cover these issues.

Dog Congenital Conditions

Congenital conditions are issues that occur in utero and your pet is born with the condition.

Again, these conditions are very much breed-specific so if you have a dog or cat prone to these conditions, make sure to purchase pet insurance while your pets are young and the issues are not yet pre-existing.

In fact, most of these conditions might not show symptoms until later in your dog or cats’ life.

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Examples of Common Congenital Conditions in Dogs

All of these conditions should be covered in a pet insurance plan.

However, as mentioned above, if your dog or cat has already developed a hereditary or congenital condition, it will now be considered pre-existing.

There aren’t any pet insurance companies that will cover a pet for pre-existing conditions.

For instance, if your poodle is examined by your vet and a heart murmur is diagnosed before you buy an insurance policy for this dog, then this condition (which the poodle has probably had since birth) will not be covered.

On the other hand, if you had purchased a policy and this poodle is diagnosed a few years later with the heart murmur (which is a congenital condition), then you would be covered because the symptoms did not develop until after the insurance was purchased.

Getting pet insurance before your pet has any health problems is the only way to ensure that all future issues are covered, as long as they weren’t diagnosed by your vet before the starting date of your insurance coverage.

Or even during the waiting period.

Final Thoughts on Hereditary and Congenital Conditions

There are many hereditary and congenital conditions in both dogs and cats and it is important to be aware of them.

Before signing up with any policy, talk to your vet about what issues might occur with your dog or cat, if they haven’t already.

It’s always the safest best to enroll your pets while they are young, while the prices are lower and they are the healthiest.

Before enrolling, ask your provider for a complete list of excluded health conditions to make sure your pet is covered.

If you are looking for a new pet insurance company that covers hereditary and congenital conditions, our top 10 pet insurance companies is a great place to start!


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