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Top Reasons To Purchase Pet Insurance

Do you love your pet like a member of your family?

Does your pet give you unconditional love that fills your heart with joy?

Would you do anything to keep your pet healthy and to live a long, happy life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you should seriously consider pet insurance.

There are also many practical reasons why pet insurance is necessary. Here are just some of them:

sleeping catMedical Care for Pets is Expensive: Pet Insurance Can Help!

It is not uncommon for medical bills to run into the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for a single illness or emergency.

A simple paw injury to your dog could easily cost a minimum of $5,000 to treat.  And that is for one mishap!

And that doesn’t even include the additional costs if any medicine is prescribed by your veterinarian.

Most families simply cannot afford these kinds of expenses unless they have coverage. And if something does happen and medical treatment is able to make your loved one healthy again, you could be looking at a bill that you may not be able to pay.

No one ever wants to be in that position.

With pet insurance, you won’t be, since most coverage will reimburse you a minimum of 80% of your vet bill.

How Much Does Pet Health Insurance Cost?

Pet insurance generally costs about $30 to $50 a month and it covers a wide array of health expenses for your pets.

Not only does it pay for the treatment for your pet but also the diagnostics and lab work needed.

There are many reputable pet insurance companies that provide this insurance, and they are all more than willing to discuss all of the different options and coverage available.

With so many choices available, you should be able to find an affordable plan.

When you take into consideration that premium the cost of pet insurance averages $1.50 a day, it makes sense to get insurance so that you know you and your pet are always covered.

Pet Insurance Helps with Breeds That Are Predisposed to Hereditary Conditions

There are many different dog and cat breeds that are predisposed to hereditary conditions.

Labradors, for instance, tend to have hip and cruciate ligament issues.

Siamese Cats, on the other hand, are prone to retinal issues.

With pet insurance, you know that you have the ability to pay for these conditions if they develop.

And they are both expensive to treat!

Pet Insurance is for Pets of All Ages

It doesn’t matter if your pet is young or old, there is always a risk that they might need serious medical attention.

It also makes sense to get insurance while your pet is still young and healthy because the premiums will be lower.

If you don’t get insurance while your furry friend is in good health, they may be denied coverage if you try to enroll them after they get sick or injured because the condition will now be considered pre-existing.

That’s why it is important for you to get coverage as soon as possible, so you can be sure that you are able to handle the medical expenses if something ever does happen.

Even if your dog or cat is aging, the cost might increase for pet insurance, but so do the illnesses and conditions that might occur.

By doing this, both you and your pet can enjoy a better quality of life together, and hopefully for longer!

With Pet Insurance, You Can Go To Any Vet of Your Choice

Unlike human health insurance, with pet insurance, you can go to any vet of your choice.

All the best pet insurance companies allow you to stay with your current veterinarian or choose a new one.

It’s nice to know that you don’t have to keep switching veterinarians.

Pet Insurance Helps with Expensive Treatments

If costs for a certain health condition grow too high for your pocketbook, then you should also realize that quite often, euthanasia could be the only alternative.

No one ever wants to be in that position. Ever!! And, you certainly wouldn’t want your furry loved one lingering around in constant pain.

Unfortunately, many pet owners have had to make this tough decision because the medical costs involved with maintaining adequate medical care for their dog or cat grew too high. And pet insurance will make sure that this won’t happen.

Final Thoughts on Why You Need Pet Insurance

While considering the pros and cons of pet insurance, remember that the cost is not much more than a dollar a day to give your cat or dog the proper care if they get sick, injured or a serious ailment.

Peace of mind is a valuable commodity and to know you have the financial means to afford whatever might happen to your pet.

And, that is the most important reason to purchase pet insurance.

If you think you are ready to purchase a policy for your beloved family member, our top 10 pet insurance companies is a great place to start!