Eye Problems in Dogs

Eye Problems in Dogs

Cost of Treatment: $55 to $3,035 per eye

What they are: A number of different eye problems can plague dogs, many of which are congenital conditions the dog may be born with or hereditary conditions developed later in life. Some of the more common eye problems in dogs include:

General Symptoms of Eye Problems:

  • Crusty gunk and discharge
  • White or red eyelid linings
  • Visible abnormalities, such as a third eyelid
  • Tearing or tear-stained fur
  • Change in eye color
  • Cloudiness
  • Eye that won’t open
  • Different sized pupils

Treatment: Treatment ranges from ongoing medication and eye drops to surgical correction, depending on the type and severity of the eye problem. Many dog insurance plans cover a wide scope of hereditary and congenital conditions, including eye problems common to specific breeds.

Enrolling your dog as early is possible helps ensure he’s not showing any signs of eye problems that would classify the condition as pre-existing and not covered by insurance.

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