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Chow Chow Pet Insurance

The Chow Chow has the noble attribute of a lion, the drollness of pandas, the loyalty of a dog and the grace of a cat. This unique dog breed has catlike features like being proud, very intelligent and wanting to be independent. He can be very attentive to his owner and extending that to other family members. It is known to have small erect ears, a broad skull, and a blue tongue. They weight about 40-70 pounds and can be about 17-20 inches tall. By genetically testing, it is affirmed that they are one of the oldest breeds of dogs which originated from Northern China in about 206 BC to 22 AD in the Han Dynasty.

Chow Chow dogs generally have a very dense coat which can either be smooth or rough, and it is thick in the neck regions. The coat can come in several colors such as blue, black, cream or red.

Chows are likely to develop some health conditions such as Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), which is a heritable illness. When it occurs, the bones of the thigh don’t fit properly to the joint of the hip. This can cause pain to that region and also result in the dog getting lame. As the dog gets older, it could develop arthritis. Even though Hip Dysplasia is a genetic condition, it can be made worse by some environmental factors.

Should You Buy Chow Chow Dog Insurance?Chow Chow with Owner

When your Chow dog develops a health condition, the treatment can be quite expensive.

And just like any other pet owner, I am sure you desire to provide your dog with the best quality health services available, but in a case of an emergency or a health condition, the cost of treatment can range in the thousands of dollars.

Most pet owners worry about how they can afford the high hospital bills for their pets when an emergency occurs. Having the Chow Chow dog insurance will help you pay off hospital bills when your dog falls ill.

By having the right dog insurance policy at hand, you will follow your veterinarian’s recommendations about the best dog treatments out there, knowing that your insurance plan will cover the cost.

How to Compare Chow Chow Insurance Plans

Dog insurance plans are necessary because they can save your dog’s life in case of an illness or an emergency. Also, when you regularly take your dog for medical checkups, that cost will be covered as well.

But the worrying question on the minds of pet owners is: which dog insurance policy is the best one?

Before you settle for a particular dog insurance company, it is important you do your research, be sure that the company has a good and outstanding reputation. Also, make sure that the company is stable and has good experience.

After that, find out if the insurance policy has the appropriate coverage for your dog; understand all that will be covered and also all that will not be covered, just to avoid last minute disappointments. To the best of your ability, choose a plan that covers all major health conditions of your Chow Chow dog.

Because Chow Chow dogs are likely to have Canine Hip Dysplasia, it is advisable that you select an insurance plan such as Pets Best Insurance or PetPremium Pet Health Insurance that has all joint issues covered.

Chow Chow Dog Insurance Ratings & Reviews

Most Chow Chow dog owners have problems understanding the insurance plan the go into and get surprised at the end of the day when one of their insurance claims is denied.

Each and every pet insurance company has its own policies, and so you should not assume that one policy will be the same as another. Every insurance company has different terms and conditions.

Make efforts to read the insurance plans carefully, not just read, but also understand what they cover. Know what you are paying for, what services you will receive and what you will not receive. You can go further by talking to other Chow Chow dog owners out there; ask them about their experiences with the insurance company you are interested in.

And when you are completely certain you have found the right insurance company for your dog, you will be at peace knowing that when your dog has an emergency, the cost will be well covered.

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