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Mixed Breed Pet Insurance

Mixed breed dogs, affectionately known as mutts, less affectionately as mongrels or curs, come in all shapes, sizes colors and coat lengths.

As the name makes clear, the pedigrees of these dogs are unknown; they are the natural result of what happens when dogs breed with little or no human intervention.

Puppies from the same mixed breed litter may differ widely in appearance and even size, often exhibiting traits that are identified with purebred dogs. Most of the world’s dogs are mixed breeds, and countless children have grown up with a loveable family mutt.

Should you Purchase Insurance for your Mixed Breed Dog?

As a general rule, mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds because of their diverse genetics, and numerous studies have shown that, on average, they require fewer vet visits and live longer.

At the same time, however, owners tend to know far less about the kinds of congenital illnesses to which their dogs may be susceptible, which can include any of the diseases known to occur in purebreds, from hip dysplasia to bloat and cancer.

And just because your dog comes from the pound rather than the pet store or a breeder doesn’t make him or her any less special to you and your family.

There is nothing more heartbreaking for a pet owner than having to forego or postpone treatment for a beloved dog for financial reasons. One way to make sure that this never happens to you is to purchase pet health insurance.

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