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PetPlan Pet Insurance Review

Petplan offers three vet-recommended plans from $19 per month

Coverage Plans

Petplan is regularly recommended by veterinarians and breeders and has earned a stellar 9.2/10 customer satisfaction rating. Petplan is known for approving claims that other providers may deny and their friendly staff and management team continue to receive glowing reviews all over the web.

Pet Plan’s reimbursements are 80%, 90%, or 100% and you can choose a per condition deductible of $50, $100, or $200. A low reimbursement will make your monthly payments cheaper and a 100% reimbursement will increase your premium payments substantially.

Get a Free Quote Now. It only takes 2 minutes and plans start at just $19 per month.

bronze$10,000annual veterinary coverage silver$14,000annual veterinary coverage gold$22,000annual veterinary coverage
veterinary exam fees
diagnostic treatments
prescription medications
imaging – mri, cat scan, ultrasound
cancer treatments
dental treatments (non-routine)
alternative therapies
referral + specialist treatment
behavioral therapies
boarding kennel fees
advertising + reward
loss due to theft or straying
death from illness or injury
vacation cancellation
Customize your policy to fit your budget
deductible choice of $50, $100, or $200 deductible
reimbursement choice of 100%, 90%, or 80% reimbursement
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PetPlan Facts

  • Highly recommended by Veterinarians
  • Covers major health issues from $19 per month
  • Every pet is covered for life. No exceptions.

Coverage Plans

PetPlan is regularly recommended by veterinarians and breeders and has earned a stellar 9.2/10 customer satisfaction rating. PetPlan is known for approving claims that other providers may deny and their friendly staff and management team continue to receive glowing reviews all over the web.

Pet Plan's reimbursements are 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% and you can choose an annual deductible of $100, $250, or $500. A low reimbursement will make your monthly payments cheaper and a 100% reimbursement will increase your premium payments substantially.

Get a Free Quote Now. It only takes 2 minutes and plans start at just $19 per month.

$10000annual veterinary coverage
$14000annual veterinary coverage
$22000annual veterinary coverage

PetPlan Facts

  • Highly recommended by Veterinarians
  • Covers major health issues from $19 per month
  • Every pet is covered for life. No exceptions.

Vet-Verified PetPlan Review

Last updated 7/3/2016. By Dr. Pippa Elliot, BVMS, MRCVS

Petplan is consistently recognized as a top-rated pet insurance company among vets, respected breeders, and customers. Petplan ranked among the best for customer service, with a 97% customer satisfaction rate and one of the highest overall ratings for any company we reviewed. Why? Because they don’t ever terminate coverage due to old age, illnesses, or injuries.

Petplan also includes free congenital, hereditary, and genetic coverage with every plan. Most pet insurance plans require extra add-ons to cover these common and expensive conditions or they may provide low-limit coverage with annual restrictions. Those limitations make the reimbursements to customers inadequate for most pet health conditions.

In addition to going above and beyond the status quo in their standard plan, Petplan also covers expensive specialized treatments like specialist referrals and these include heart specialists and oncologists for cancer treatments.

Petplan offers three low per condition deductibles to choose from, $50, $100, or $200.
Reimbursements are excellent and you can choose to be reimbursed 80%, 90%, or 100% of your total vet bill.

Petplan has an annual limit of $10,000 for the Bronze plan, $14,000 for the Silver plan, and $22,000 for the gold plan.

Extra coverage on the standard plan, low monthly payments from $19 per month, vet-recommended service, and a stellar 9.2/10 customer satisfaction reputation earn Petplan an A- by the Pet Insurance U trusted, independent review team.

Our Final Grade

Overall Satisfaction Rating
(Based on overall customer satisfaction)
How Our Ratings Work

Our Rating Criteria
Above Average Claim Approval –
97% Member Satisfaction Rate –
24/7 Phone and Email Support –
9/10 Customer Stay Enrolled –

Petplan Customer Reviews

Average customer review 4/5

“Petplan is a life saver”

petplan customer reviewPetplan was a life saver and paid 90% of my adopted dog Bear’s accident & sickness bills. Thanks Petplan for helping me pay Bear’s bills.

Pet Parent of Bear

“Paid $6,800 of $7,000 bill”

2016 petplan review Max had his Gallbladder removed and the vet bill was over $7,000. Petplan covered $6,800 of it and we were only out of pocket $200.

Pet Parent of Max
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Petplan Q & A

Why should I choose Petplan?

Recommendations do matter – and Petplan is highly recommended by veterinarians, fellow pet owners, and breeders of pedigreed pets based on the quality of care that is offered to the pets under their care.

How reliable is Petplan?

Petplan has 40 years of experience behind its name and reputation. It is also backed by one of the global leaders in insurance –- Allianz, the world’s largest property and casualty insurer.

What does Petplan cover?

Truly comprehensive coverage for your pet is one of the most important features of the Petplan policies. This policy reimburses your expenses for illness or injury and also provides complete coverage for congenital or hereditary diseases in your pet with no exclusions or hidden limits.

What other specific items are covered with Petplan?

Laboratory and diagnostic testing, dental care and root canal therapy, high-value specialty treatments such as surgery, cancer treatment, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, a full range of scans including MRI and CAT scans, and aftercare in the form of rehabilitation are all offered with Petplan.

How is Petplan any different from the other pet insurance companies?

There are no additional surcharges for the coverage of congenital or hereditary diseases. Once your policy is in force, chronic conditions are also covered for the life of your pet as long as the policy is kept current. Petplan also offers up to 100% reimbursement, offers support 24/7 through their call center as well as online chat, and they have comprehensive dental coverage for accidents and illnesses including periodontal disease.

What else does Petplan cover that other companies do not?

Alternative or holistic health treatments are considered to be standard items with Petplan insurance. Prescription medications and specially prescribed pet food for urinary conditions are also standard items with no additional surcharges.

How does Petplan handle deductibles and co-payments?

The pet owner has a range of deductibles and co-payment options to choose from when they purchase a Petplan policy.You can choose to be reimbursed up to 80, 90, or 100% depending on your pet’s needs and your personal circumstances. A deductible of $50. $100, or $200 may be chosen and that option will be applied to your reimbursement amount once your co-payment has been made.

How does Petplan deal with pre-existing conditions in my pet?

If your pet already has an illness or condition or is showing clear symptoms of developing an illness or condition, then may be precluded from purchasing Petplan. However, if the condition is treatable and curable, the pet may be insured at a later date following a specified waiting period.


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Petplan offers major coverage from $19 a month

One Low-Priced Standard Plan Covers Everything!

9.2out of 10
9.2 out of 10 Customers Love Petplan
Covered For LifeTM
*Petplan Guarantees your pet’s coverage for life
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  • Scott

    That’s awesome that the reimbursements can get up to 100%. Honestly, if I got another dachshund, I would do this (still thinking about getting another one). We had to put ours down in 2012 because of spine problems, and the bill would have been $4800 if I had chosen to get the surgery, which may not have even fixed it.

    • Michelle

      Hey Scott,

      Isn’t that the worst? When you’re not sure if surgery will result in a fix and it’s so much money? Ugh. I understand your pain. I hope you do get another companion!

      • Pet Insurance U

        Us, too!

    • Charisse Cappello

      It’s tough, Scott. So sorry you had to let him go, but at least he didn’t suffer for years with that pain. You made a tough decision to make sure he didn’t have to suffer long.

      • Pet Insurance U

        Good input, Charisse.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Scott, and sorry to hear about spine probs for your dachshund. We had nerve/spinal issues with one of our big dogs and were faced with a similar dilemma – tests alone were upwards of $5,000 and vets weren’t sure if ANYTHING would have helped or not. Blech. You’re def. right on procedures being costly, even before it gets to the point of surgery. And we also agree that the 100% reimbursement option is absolutely fabulous. Good luck with new dachshund decisions (and yes, we got another big dog…)!

    • Fran

      Hi Scott, sorry for your loss. Yes I think that it is important to remember that just because we can, doesn’t mean we should – insurance doesn’t mean go ahead and try and fix problems when the dog’s ‘time has come’.

  • Michelle

    I wish I would have known about this a few years ago. Sadly, we watched our rescue dog, Katie, succumb to her wounds from pellets being shot into her from her previous owner. She was such a good dog and did not deserve the pain she was in. There was a surgery available to help her, but it wasn’t guaranteed, it was over $10,000 and the drive to the hospital to perform it was 5 hours away. The vet told us she didn’t have long before one of the pellets reached her heart so we made her as comfortable as possible until her time with us was over.

    If we would have had coverage like this at that time, I am sure she would have lived quite a few more years more! After reviewing the information, we likely would have gone with the silver or gold package for her. Thank goodness my other pets will be covered!

    • Karma

      I am so sorry to hear about that Michelle, that story sounds awful. Dogs don’t deserve so much of what people do to them and it’s heartbreaking every time I hear about an animal suffering like yours. Sadly, this year I lost one of my dogs too. They were talking about doing surgery but it would have been very expensive and he was a little older and had existing respiratory problems so we could have lost him on the table. If/when I get another dog, I’m definitely going to look at PetPlan but I’m not 100% sold on it. The prices are pretty reasonable and I did read a couple complaints about slow claims checks or excluding conditions that they said they would cover.

      • Charisse Cappello

        Sorry for your loss, Karma. It’s always tough when you lose one.

      • Pet Insurance U

        Hi Karma, Sorry to hear about your loss – and the tough decision you had to make. Sigh. Sounds to us like you made a wise one, with careful consideration of all the factors. Also glad to hear you’d consider pet insurance going forward, and that you’re diligently doing your research! Thanks for input.

    • Charisse Cappello

      OH, MY GOD, Michelle, I am so sorry for you and your family. That’s just awful. No animal deserves to be treated that way. I am so sorry your family had to go through that, and I thank God for angels like you who help the furbabies make their transition out of this planet and back to the Rainbow Bridge. Bless you and your family.

      • Pet Insurance U

        We def. feel the same way!
        One of our current rescue pups had deep gash scars on his sides and a mangled foot. We’re always so pained when we see what some people can do to animals – when all the pets want to do is love us.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Michelle and so sad to hear about Katie’s plight. Some decisions are just so difficult and heartbreaking, but it sounds like you made the most compassionate and loving choice faced with your dilemma. And those dilemmas are tough, as we know firsthand, when vets aren’t even sure if surgery or any other procedure will help the issue at hand. Thanks for sharing and it sounds like Katie had a great home – as will any other pets you bring into it!

    • Fran

      That is a heartbreaking story! I taken in rescue dogs and know how you feel. These packages look really good for peace of mind.

  • Gregory

    My golden retriever is getting up there in the senior dog category now and approaching ten-years-old. Things are starting to fall apart here and there. His hearing is getting a lot worse, he used to be able to hear me call his name from 10 feet away and now I have to raise my voice even when I’m right next to him. He’s got eyesight trouble, deteriorating muscles, skin issues, it never stops. I don’t know how I could take care of him without pet insurance, I’m just lucky I got it before any major medical issues occurred. Unlike insurance for humans, pet insurance companies can and will deny coverage on the grounds that your pet has had prior medical conditions. PetPlan’s gold plan has been thoroughly worth the investment, the deductible is pretty reasonable and the coverage is 90% with payout limits that are over $20,000 annualy. I’m just jealous that human insurance isn’t as good as dog insurance. Blue Cross is bleeding me dry lol.

    • Charisse Cappello

      Wow, this is great to know, Gregory. Thank you so much for this info about the gold plan.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Gregory. And SO COOL to hear Petplan is consistently coming through for you and your golden retriever. Glad, too, you reinforced importance of getting pet insured BEFORE medical issues set in to ensure they’re covered.
      Your retriever is one lucky dude to have such a great pet parent who is taking such good care of him. Always appreciate real-life input – esp. when it’s such positive stuff!

  • Jerry Winfield

    PetPlan’s annual limit of $10,000 and a low deductible is exactly the coverage I’m looking for my older pets. With the cost of pet care increasing, a pet illness or accident can be very expensive. PetPlan’s coverage of hip and CCL surgery techniques could make a big difference when trying to pay for the cost of an unexpected accident. I’ll be contacting them right away.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Good to hear, Jerry! Glad to hear you’re finding what you and your pet need!

    • Ujjal Karmakar

      You are right. Now-a-days the cost of pet care is increasing rapidly. So pet illness and accident can be very expensive. For that we should do insurance regarding pet. It can help us to reduce this type of cost. PetPlan is a good insurance policy to apply. It has the lowest premium around 9 bucks.

  • Charisse Cappello

    Wow, this is amazing. Above average claim approval and 97% customer satisfaction rating. This is great. 🙂

    • Pet Insurance U

      Awesome stats, for sure!

  • For a long time I had no idea pet insurance even existed but I’m happy it does. It’s a great peace of mind knowing that my senior Shih Tzu can be taken care and that it won’t break the bank. I just wish people insurance was this affordable.

    I had never heard of PetPlan until now but they sound amazing and the low cost deductibles are very appealing. Thanks for the informational review. Also, I love the charts and appearance of this post. I’m a blogger myself and I’ve got to say, I am put to shame with these ascetics! 😀

  • For a long time, I had no idea pet insurance even existed but I’m happy it does. It’s a great peace of mind knowing that my senior Shih Tzu can be taken care of and that it won’t break the bank. i just wish people insurance was affordable.

    I had never heard of PetPlan until now but they sound amazing and the low cost deductibles are very appealing. Thanks for the informational review. Also, I love the charts and appearance of this post. I am a blogger myself and I’ve got to say, I am put to shame with these ascetics! 😀

  • Alexa Cress

    What a great plan for older pets! I love that you’ve included the chart of the different levels of care you can choose from! I love that dental care is included in the plan because I find that’s often an issue that I’ve had with my own pets in the past. Once again, I love that you have created a rating system based on customers reviews, and that it’s not an unbelievable 10/10. It’s a very trust worthy article with real facts and insights that readers are looking for. Also, 35 years in the business is not something every company can say so keep up the great business!

  • Anastacia

    “This policy reimburses your expenses for illness or injury and also provides complete coverage for congenital or hereditary diseases in your pet with no exclusions or hidden limits.” This is wonderful! My grandmother’s dog unfortunately passed due to a hereditary illness. Medical costs mounted year by year, and it was hard to find an insurance policy that covered any sort of hereditary conditions.

  • Justina Roberts

    Reading about PetPlan was really informative, I’d probably learn toward the bronze coverage because my friend usually watches our pets when we go camping or on vacation so we wouldn’t need kennel coverage. I think one of the other coverage levels would be really good for someone who has to travel for work a lot or doesn’t have family near them to help out. I’m relieved to read that cancer treatment coverage is included at all the levels.

  • Jerome

    I’m impressed the costumer ratings ,cheap plans and they offer so much , This is perfect!

  • This plan has some interesting features that I have never given any thought to.

    You think about pet insurance and immediately associate it with illness, emergencies and with some companies, preventative care.

    But I’ve never heard of a company that took the loss of a pet, boarding or straying into consideration.

    People adopt pets and don’t always think of these things. It’s an emotional decision – and there can be quite a bit of excitement involved…but
    it’s a HUGE responsibility and anything can happen (regardless of how responsible a pet owner you might be).

    A reliable insurance company is the peace of mind we need if something unexpected happens – and this one has some impressive reviews. It was refreshing to see that one person wasn’t refused even though she had an older cat.

  • Graysse

    Petplan Pet Insurance offers life insurance for $19 per month!!! That’s such a bargain. Every pet owner should care for their pets health and not be drowned in bills to do that. PetPlan is the answer.

  • Jamie

    I have owned three dogs in my lifetime. They have all passed away due to medical conditions and to my regret none of them had been insured. I have recently purchased a new dog – Katie – and searched the web learning about insurance and where to protect her should anything happen.

    PetPlans’s name has appeared over and over again so I decided to give them a call. The quote was quick, easy and the various options were explained clearly. I always like to see the paperwork before I sign up to anything – especially with insurance – and everything looked to be in order.

    I found this info-graphic very useful as it gives an overview of the plans and what you get for your money.

    I hope I will never have to claim, but feel assured that PetPlan will cover the cost of any medical bills.

  • ronline betit

    I’m actually looking for a cheap pet insurance with great benefits. Thanks for sharing this review, I now have 3 on my list and soon I will pick the best. Pet Plan seems to be reputable and affordable.

  • lovely mcarthur

    Pet Plan has good reviews and it seems that their trust rating is high. The gold package is complete so I hope I can afford the monthly payment.

  • George H.

    Picking a pet insurance plan that has dermatology, laboratory and diagnostic testing, and surgery coverage is important for our family. We’ve had dogs in the past that have developed rashes and cysts, and it was incredibly expensive to do the testing and surgery they required. We even had insurance at the time, but it didn’t cover the diagnostic testing or a good portion of the surgery. PetPlan gets great reviews and they have a lot to offer!

  • Irina S.

    PetPlan is so comprehensive! I appreciate that they list all of the covered treatments with each plan. I have two healthy dogs, but I worry about them as they age. Knowing that I can pick a plan that is right for both of their needs is very important. Laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, and scans can be so expensive; but it is so helpful in preventing further health issues and managing your pet’s current health. I’m glad those are all covered with PetPlan!

  • Dani Jane

    I really appreciate an insurance plan that covers alternative and holistic health treatments. My dog tends to be sensitive to a lot of prescription medications. We also think she might have some food allergies. I want her to feel her best, without having to pay an arm and a leg for natural remedies that will work better for her individual needs.

  • Jackie

    As a former dog owner, I’d recommend using Pet Plan. It was actually recommended by a close friend. Claims was quick and easy. Customer service was friendly and efficient too. I opted for the silver level coverage. No complaints.

  • At the beginning I was skeptic but soon after I read all what’s about and all other people’s testimony, I have to admit I got hooked and decided to give it a try. I was impressed by how easy it is to get a quote. It takes less than five minutes. Now I know my Ibuki is covered for the rest of his canine life. He’s already 6 years old
    going into 7 and I would really like to have him a few more years. I can now say I have peace of mind knowing he can receive treatment anytime. I would recommend you to give it a try. It hurts nobody.

  • Kendra Justine

    You can’t beat this deal. Pet coverage starting at $19.99 per month is great for lifetime coverage! It will really bring me a peace of mind to know that my cat is getting this kind of coverage. The deductibles are very reasonable also. Definitely not a plan to overlook.

  • Momi Nul

    In the start I was doubter but soon after Someone said all what’s about and all other people’s statement, I have to confess I got connected and made a decision to provide it a try. I was satisfied by how simple it is to get a quotation. It requires less than five moments. Now I know my Ibuki is protected for the remaining of his dog lifestyle. He’s already 6 decades old going into 7 and I would really like to have him a few more decades. I can now say I have satisfaction understanding he will get therapy at any time. I would suggest you to provide it a try. It affects nobody.

  • comment_blog

    Petplan is awesome, they attend to customer on a go. You can get a vet on a click and your pet issue will be solve in a moment. They are available online to serve you even more better.

  • Theo

    They offer so much! When I was a kid, one of our dogs got hit by a car. Pet insurance wasn’t around or at least our parents didn’t have any, so they put our dog down! I was traumatized. This insurance not only allows root canals and blood tests, they go as far as offering MRI’s and aftercare following illness or injury. I want to make sure my pet gets this kind of coverage so I never have to worry again. I’ll never forget how painful that was.

  • Fran

    Pet Plan are known to be a little more expensive, but one of the best pet insurers in the business. I always say if you have the money then go with Pet Plan as yes they do cover a lot and have the animal’s best interests at heart. When we got our rescue dog we had Pet Plan, before changing to a cheaper policy.

  • Ian Whitcomb


    I purchased a Petplan insurance policy in February 2016 at the cost of $86.05 per month. I haven’t needed to use it until August 2016 which means they have already collected $688.40 of my money for a policy that they haven’t paid out a dime on.

    My dog has an unidentified lump on her wrist which was noted by the vet prior to purchasing the Petplan policy. What this means is that the veterinarian noted in the patient log to have existed(one line), but it was never tested on or diagnosed to be a condition. Despite it not having gone undiagnosed Petplan chose to deny a pre-authorization to have the lump tested and removed. The reason for the denial was that it is considered a pre-existing condition simply because she was showing symptoms prior to purchasing the policy.

    I spoke with a representative on the phone who explained a pre-existing condition to be “any condition that exists prior to purchasing the plan EXCEPT conditions in which the breed is genetically prone to getting(hereditary). For example, if a Daschund gets arthritis in its back they will cover the cost of treatment because the breed is prone to back arthritis.” Upon explaining this to me I inquired about whether or not they would cover my English Bulldogs hip dysplasia because, as a breed, they are genetically prone to getting the condition and are known to have the highest rate of hip dysplasia among any breed. She told me that despite it being a hereditary condition, it would not be covered because it is a pre-existing condition.

    In addition to the lump on her wrist I submitted an official claim in the amount of $325(or $800) regarding a condition that my dog was in fact treated for. My Petplan policy comes with a $200 deductible PER CONDITION. Instead of paying the difference($325 – $200 = $125) they separated the claim into 2 different conditions involving allergies thus 2x $200 deductibles, neither of which were met therefor they did not pay a dime. I called them to point out numerous errors that were made across BOTH of the new claims where the amount applied to the deductible was less than it should have been. There was also the issue that without the Banfield wellness plan that I’m paying an additional $40/mo for, the visit would have costed nearly $800. The difference in cost is very clearly stated on the vet invoice that was submitted with the claim. In other words, I’m paying Banfield for a discount that Petplan is knowingly taking advantage of and then taking MORE of my money to do so.

    Upon requesting that they cancel my policy and refund me for the full amount that I have already paid them they refused to do so stating that I had been using their service and that I chose to have the Banfield wellness plan in addition to the Petplan. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make it ok for them to knowingly take advantage of people. Smoke and mirrors and knowingly stealing from me, extremely unethical.

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Ian, sorry to hear about your experience with Petplan. Also, thank you for taking the time to share. We’re in the process of contacting Petplan to request a response to your comment. Stay tuned…


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