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Petplan Pet Insurance Review

Petplan is consistently recognized as a top-rated pet insurance company among vets, respected breeders, and customers.

Petplan ranked among the best for customer service, with a 97% customer satisfaction rate and one of the highest overall ratings for a company we reviewed.


Because they don’t ever terminate coverage due to old age, illness or injuries.

Our Final Grade

pet plan insurance review

How PetPlan Pet Insurance Works

Petplan offers very well-rounded coverage and is known as one of the top pet insurance providers.

Petplan covers illness, accidents, hospital visits and even diagnostic testing and alternative therapy treatments.

Veterinary fees (that are not routine) are also included which is unusual among pet insurance plans.

Petplan also includes free congenital, hereditary, and genetic coverage with every plan.

PetPlan Coverage

Petplan covers periodontal disease as well as dental disease in any of the policies that you choose.

Petplan has no exclusions for genetic or hereditary conditions and no age limits for those who want to enroll older pets.

Hip dysplasia is also covered in all of their plans which really makes Petplan stand out.

After a year, Petplan will cover conditions that are pre-existing if they are curable as well as bi-lateral conditions when one of the sides of the pup or kitty already has the condition.

PetPlan’s Other Conditions & Treatments

Petplan like the other top pet insurance companies offers treatment for chronic conditions like allergies and atopy, cancer and diabetes.

They also include coverage for the following:

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Hospital & Emergency Care Visits
  • All Medications
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency Care

vet examining cat and dog with Petplan pet insuranceSpecialty Care Including:

  • Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Dentistry
  • Neurology

Any Imaging Including:

  • MRI
  • CAT Scan
  • Ultrasound

These things are ALL covered!

Alternative Care

Alternative care is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in senior pets and Petplan is one company that will cover alternative therapies in all their plans without an extra charge.

Alternative treatments include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractoic care
  • Physical therapy
  • Hydrotherapy

PetPlan Pet Insurance Benefit Limits

Petplan doesn’t offer across the board unlimited coverage, but it does offer the flexibility in allowing you to choose your annual benefit limit which helps lower the costs.

Petplan’s annual limits include the following:  $2,500 all the way up to unlimited.

There are no limits, per condition or lifetime, which means that your dog or cat will have continual coverage for the duration of all injuries and illnesses even those conditions that are chronic such as cancer or diabetes.

This really makes Petplan stand out. Most pet insurance companies have annual limits, and some of them are very low.

The higher benefit levels come with a higher premium rate.

PetPlan Reimbursement Method

Reimbursements are excellent with Petplan.

You can choose to be reimbursed 70%, 80%, or even 90% reimbursement of your bill.

The higher the reimbursement level, the higher the premium. The only provider that we reviewed that offers a 100% reimbursement is Figo.

For example, if you choose the 80% reimbursement model, you will pay 20% of your total bill after your deductible is reached.

And, like all the other top pet insurance providers, Petplan pays you back on the actual medical bill and not what some providers call “usual and customary’ costs.

PetPlan Deductible Types

Pet plan sets itself apart in the way they offer their deductibles. Pet owners can choose between a per incident deductible or the prefered annual deductible.

On top of that, you can choose the amount of your deductible. The deductibles start at $100 and and you can pick up to $2,500 and can be increased on $50 increments. This gives you the most control over the plan in helping it meet your financial needs.

If you decide to choose the per-condition plan, this means that if your pet has two veterinary visits for the same injury or illness within the policy year, you will pay the deductible for your policy only once for this condition even if you file three claims for the same condition.

This can be helpful for a dog or cat that has cancer or a serious injury or illness.

Petplan also offers annual deductible which means you just pay the deductible one time each year and it doesn’t matter if it is an illness or an accident.

Other top providers like Embrace operate on an annual deductible. If you choose the higher deductible, you will have a lower monthly premium.

How Much Does PetPlan Pet Insurance Cost?

Petplan has pricing that is similar to other pet insurance companies with comparable plans. Petplan also offers discounts if you register online, service pets and members of the military.

You can also get a 5% discount just for enrolling online.

The average starting monthly rate is $29 for dog insurance and $18 for cat insurance.

Further discounts are available through Wag-worthy, veterinary professionals get a 10% professional discount when enrolling online.

How To File A Claim with PetPlan

Petplan actually states that claims payout is usually within a timeframe of 30 days.

It can be faster, from 5 to 14 days, if your claim is accepted right away, but 30 days is the longest it would take.

Claims are filed easily and quickly either online or from the Petplan Claims App that you can do easily form your phone.

Just log in and hit the new file claim button and send all the appropriate information and it’s completed!

Or just print it right out and mail, fax or email in your form within 90 days!

Petplan also has what they call there Telehealth Help which offers advice by telephone for basic care or even after-hour emergencies.

Enrollment and Waiting Period from PetPlan

Petplan allows enrollment for dogs and cats as young as six weeks old.

What distinguishes Petplan is that it doesn’t have an age limit so older dogs and cats get covered as well.

Accident coverage begins 5 days after enrollment and illnesses are covered after 15 days, which is a pretty standard waiting period for pet insurance.

Medical records are not required for enrollment. Based on your pet’s medical history, records may be requested if your pet is taking medication, recently injured or you are re-enrolling your pet with Petplan policy after there has been a break in coverage.

There is a (6) month exclusion on cruciate ligaments and patella conditions and typical of most plans.


Petplan’s philanthropic foundation that gives back!

Petplanthopy, their corporate philanthropy, makes quarterly financial contributions to their partner shelters, rescues and humane societies across the country which is always a nice perk when purchasing a policy.

For all new members, Petplan makes a generous donation to the Best Friends Animal Society® Save Them All® campaign to help adoptable pets find their forever homes.

And for every Petplan dog or cat that passes away, Petplan will make a $15 donation to Morris Animal Foundation in their honor.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why should I choose Petplan?

Recommendations do matter – and Petplan is highly recommended by veterinarians, fellow pet owners, and breeders of pedigreed pets based on the quality of care that is offered to the pets under their care.

How reliable is Petplan?

Petplan has 40 years of experience behind its name and reputation. It is also backed by one of the global leaders in insurance –- Allianz, the world’s largest property and casualty insurer.

What does Petplan cover?

Truly comprehensive coverage for your pet is one of the most important features of the Petplan policies.

This policy reimburses your expenses for illness or injury and also provides complete coverage for congenital or hereditary diseases in your pet with no exclusions or hidden limits.

What other specific items are covered with Petplan?

Laboratory and diagnostic testing, dental care and root canal therapy, high-value specialty treatments such as surgery, cancer treatment, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, a full range of scans including MRI and CAT scans, and aftercare in the form of rehabilitation are all offered with Petplan.

How is Petplan any different from the other pet insurance companies?

There are no additional surcharges for the coverage of non-routine veterinary exam fees (including ER visits and Veterinary Specialists), congenital or hereditary diseases, comprehensive dental coverage-including periodontal disease or alternative therapies.

Once your policy is in force, chronic conditions are also covered for the life of your pet as long as the policy is kept current. Petplan also offers support 24/7 through their call center as well as online chat, and they have fast and paperless claims process with a free app for iOS and Android users (just take a picture of your invoice and you’ve submitted a claim!).

They also have an A+BBB rating and rated over 9 out of 10 since 2008 on an independent review site.

What else does Petplan cover that other companies do not?

Non-routine exam fees are covered as standard with Petplan.

This could be like a separate deductible each time you visit the vet (including the ER or a veterinary specialist!).

Alternative, rehabilitation and holistic health treatments are considered to be standard items as well. Prescription medications, even nutraceuticals and herbal supplements are covered.

In addition, the dental coverage, including periodontal disease, is covered as standard. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, most drugs and cats over the age of 3 have clinical evidence of periodontal disease.

You can also take a look at our comparison chart to see how Petplan compares to the other pet insurance companies.

How does Petplan handle deductibles and co-payments?

The pet owner has a range deductibles and co-payment options to choose from when they purchase a Petplan policy.

You can choose to be reimbursed up to 70, 80, or 90% depending on your pet’s needs and your personal circumstances. A deductible starting at just $100 and up to $2500 may be chosen and you can decide if you want an annual deductible or a per-condition/per year deductible.

These options allow you to customize your policy to fit your budget.

How does Petplan deal with pre-existing conditions in my pet?

If your pet already has an illness or condition or is showing clear symptoms of developing an illness or condition, then may be precluded from purchasing Petplan.

However, if the condition is treatable and curable, the pet may be insured at a later date following a specified waiting period.

What do other review focused companies say?

Looking for even more perspectives? Smart move!

Look for some other reviews and opinions, like those offered by Consumers Advocate.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the well-regarded company, Consumers Advocate, for an alternative review of Petplan pet insurance.

How does Petplan deal with pre-existing conditions in my pet?

If your pet already has an illness or condition or is showing clear symptoms of developing an illness or condition, then maybe precluded from purchasing Petplan.

However, if the condition is treatable and curable, the pet may be insured at a later date following a specified waiting period.

How can you get in touch with Petplan?

Their customer service representatives are available to help you and answer all your questions at 1-800-241-8141.

Do you have to have your pet to the vet before signing up with Petplan?

If you haven’t take your pet for an annual vet for two months prior to signing up with Petplan, you are then required to take your pet to the vet within the first month of signing up.

Petplan Customer Reviews

Average customer review: 4/5

“Petplan is a life saver”

petplan customer reviewPetplan was a life saver and paid 90% of my adopted dog Bear’s accident & sickness bills. Thanks Petplan for helping me pay Bear’s bills.

Pet Parent of Bear
Morrisville, PA


“Petplan paid $6,800 of a $7,000 bill”

petplan review Max had his Gallbladder removed and the vet bill was over $7,000. Petplan covered $6,800 of it and we were only out of pocket $200.

Pet Parent of Max
Murrieta, CA

Petplan Highlights
  • American Animal Hospital Association’s Member Values Program Provider
  • Exclusive pet insurance provider for members of AARP
  • Every pet is covered for life. No exceptions.

Make sure to get a quote from Petplan to see if they are the right pet insurance company for you and your pet.



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Petplan Pet Insurance
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