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VCA CareClub Review 2020

Our team researched VCA CareClub’s coverage, cost, and customer satisfaction scores:

Our Final Grade = B-

VCA CareClub is not pet insurance that offers comprehensive accident and illness coverage.

We would recommend Healthy Paws as the #1 pet health insurance provider!

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Their wellness or preventative care insurance includes a network of 800 pet hospitals in the United States and Canada.

VCA CareClub Top Highlights

  • 750+ Hospital Choices
  • A proactive approach to pet health
  • Comprehensive wellness plans
  • Unlimited vet visits
  • No exclusions for treatment
  • Enroll immediately

How Does VCA CareClub Work?

VCA CareClub is not an accident and illness pet insurance, but wellness and preventative care.  It’s similar in scope to what Banfield Hospitals via PetSmart offers.

VCA CareClub wellness plans are not just preventative care but also offers other treatments and services that could make it worthwhile.

With whatever plan you choose, the vet visits are unlimited and there are many other services for your dog or cat’s long term health.

The idea behind the VCA Care Club is that if you take your cat or dog to the vet regularly, your pet will be healthier for his or her life.  And, hopefully, prevent long term illness.

All of their wellness plans include a minimum of the following:

  • 2 Annual vet exams
  • Unlimited wellness exams
  • Diagnostics
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Heartworm
  • Urinalysis
  • Dental Care

The VCA’s Plan Options

The plans are broken down by services offered depending on your dog or cat’s stage of life.

The Puppy/Kitten Plan

This wellness plan is for puppies and kittens up to 12 months old.

This plan includes:

  • 3 wellness exams each year
  • All the recommended puppy/kitten vaccinations
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Spaying
  • Neutering
  • Microchipping

The Adult Dog/Cat Plan

This wellness plan is for adult dogs and cats ages 7 months to 6 years old.

This plan includes:

  • 1 annual wellness exam
  • 1 semi-annual wellness exam
  • 1 dental cleaning (including cost of anesthesia)
  • Diagnostic exams for early disease detection
  • Heartworm testing
  • All recommended vaccines

This plan also includes unlimited exams to care for skin, coat, weight or any health issues.

The Senior Dog/Cat Plan

This plan is for senior dogs and cats ages 7 years and older.

This plan includes:

  • 1 annual wellness exam
  • 1 semi-annual wellness exam
  • 1 dental cleaning (including the cost of anesthesia)
  • Diagnostic exams for early disease detection
  • Heartworm testing
  • All recommended vaccines
  • Blood pressure tests
  • 5 chest and x-ray exams

This also includes unlimited exams to care for skin, coat, weight or any health issues.

All plans also include potential savings on products that are commonly used for your pets, i.e. certain flea medications and a reward program to save more.

Hereditary And Congenital Coverage

All of their policies are preventative and therefore can be used towards a hereditary or congenital condition that your pet may have.

Chronic Conditions

dog being cared for by vca care club

VCA CareClub Wellness Plans help cover the cost of caring for your dog or cat

Some chronic conditions are covered under all their wellness plans such as allergies or flea treatment.

There are some chronic conditions that might be limited depending on the findings of their veterinarians.

Benefit Limits

The limits are not financial, but more of a specification of the number of procedures that your cat or dog can use during the year.

Therefore you can have your pet’s teeth cleaned, various vaccinations without having to worry about hitting a cost limit.


There is no deductible associated with any of the plans which are a benefit of wellness plans.

This is similar in scope to most wellness plans in other pet insurance companies, but VCA Care Club offers a lot more services and there is no spending limit.

How Much Does it Cost to Join VCA CareClub?

VCA CareClub starts at $50 a month to join.

As mentioned above, you do get other discounts to various common pet products.

However, it isn’t clear if they will raise the prices after a year.  And, there is no discount if you enroll multiple pets.

Claims Process

There are no claims to fill out when utilizing VCA CareClub which makes it really easy. You just go to one of the many VCA pet hospitals and you will be covered.

Enrollment And Waiting Periods

There are no waiting lists to enroll in their wellness plans which is similar to all wellness plans.

Puppies and kittens are welcome at any age and there is no upper age limit.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can you decide what tests to take on the different wellness options?

The wellness plans are planned to coincide with the different life stages from kitten and puppyhood to senior cats and dogs.

Your VCA vet can help detail for you the specifics of what tests and procedures are necessary for our dog and cat.

It could even vary to the state you live in as some climates have more heartworm or tapeworm pandemics.

Are there any restrictions under the Wellness Plans?

Some chronic care and hereditary treatments might be limited depending on the scope of the illness.

The whole premise is to keep your pet well, but doesn’t necessarily treat illness.

How do the wellness plans differ from pet insurance?

The wellness plans are preventative in scope and cover essentially routine procedures.

Pet insurance, on the other hand, cover all illness and injuries up to 90% depending on the plan you choose.

VCA CareClub makes sure to point out that this is not medical insurance for your pet.

And, while an added bonus and great wellness coverage, a pet insurance plan will certainly cover more and at a lesser price.

How does a wellness plan work for puppies and kittens?

When you first adopt or bring home a kitten or puppy, they are required to have many vaccinations and spaying and neutering.

All the necessary requirements and procedures fall under the VCA CareClub kitten and puppy plans.

Do their plans reimburse for prescriptions and prescription food?

No.  You don’t get most prescriptions or prescribed food, but you do get a discount after spending a certain amount under their rewards program.

How long is the contract?

The wellness plans are one year and renewed annually and you pay on a monthly basis.  Or you can pay the entire year up front.

What are customers saying about VCA CareClub?

The reviews have been mixed. Some customers love it and consider it a bargain, while others say it is a rip off and that their prices are raised every year without warning.

Do they offer any other services?

There is a live VCA chat line where, through their app, you can get answers to any health concerns regarding your pet.

Final Thoughts on VCA CareClub

VCA CareClub is an interesting concept and can be a good plan for very young dogs or cats.

However, with a price tag at $50 a month (minimum), you want to be sure that you use the services offered.

One dental cleaning a year will offset the cost, but there are many other procedures that you can simply pay out of pocket.

Another thing to consider is if you would really take advantage of all the treatments and procedures offered because it means multiple vet visits each year to use the services.

And that wouldn’t even cover your pet if he or she gets sick or injured!

Our recommendation would be to put that extra care money towards a pet insurance policy.

The premiums tend to be less than the price of the VCA Care Club and will really give you coverage if your pet gets hurt or sick.

Take a look for yourself at VCA CareClub and see if you think it’s a good fit for you.

Or if you decide to go the pet insurance route, take a look at our best pet insurance plans to give you some ideas of where to start!