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Petco Insurance Review

If your pet got sick or was accidentally injured, would you be able to afford the veterinary bills on your own?

A pet insurance policy could provide your dog or cat with the critical care they need to survive, at a cost you can afford.

One name you may encounter as you shop for pet insurance is Petco.

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding Petco, as the popular name doesn’t actually sell pet insurance policies, though it used to.

In the article below, we’ll explain Petco’s relationship with pet insurance and how it can benefit you as you shop for a policy.

About Petco

petco logoPetco Animal Supplies Inc. has been in business since 1965, headquartered in San Diego and San Antonio.

It added its signature logo of Red Ruff the dog and Blue Mews the cat in 1991, which can be seen above thousands of pet stores nationwide today.

What started as a pet product supplier has grown over the years to include:

  • Pet food and products
  • Prescriptions
  • Live pet adoptions
  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet sitting services

Today, Petco has over 1,500 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Does Petco Sell Pet Insurance Plans?

Though it offers a long lineup of pet products, Petco does not actually sell pet insurance plans.

In years past, Petco had a major partnership with Trupanion, marketing the insurance company’s plan on its website and in its stores.

While there are some mentions of Trupanion in Petco’s archived articles, the partnership doesn’t seem to be in effect today.

Trupanion is one of our top picks for pet insurance providers in the United States, with comprehensive coverage options for cats and dogs.

The company offers both accident and illness plans and a Recovery and Complementary Care Rider if you’re looking to add wellness benefits.

Instead of promoting one single brand, Petco now partners with PetInsuranceQuotes.com to provide you with several pet insurance options.

We’ll walk through the process below.

How Can Petco Help with Pet Insurance?

Though Petco doesn’t sell pet insurance policies or work exclusively with one company to promote coverage, it can help out with your quest to purchase a policy.

Petco has joined forces with PetInsuranceQuotes.com, a platform that allows you to compare quotes from several top pet insurance companies, free of charge.

It also offers some educational resources on pet insurance, including a handful of reviews.

The process of comparing quotes is simple on the Petco website. You can get started by simply entering your pet’s name and age to begin the quoting process.

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter a few details, such as your:

  • Pet’s age (Month and year of birth)
  • Type of pet (dog or cat)
  • Pet’s gender
  • Pet’s breed
  • Your name, email, and zip code

From there, you’ll be taken to another screen that outlines your most affordable pet insurance options based on the information you entered about your pet and your location.

There, you can see a concise breakdown of what’s included in each company’s plan, read thousands of customer reviews, and go to the company’s website to see your custom quote.

Once you’ve reached this stage, you can easily buy a policy from the company of your choice if you feel it’s a good fit.

What Pet Insurance Companies Does Petco Provide Quotes for?

Through its partnership with Pet Insurance Quotes, Petco connects insurance shoppers with several providers, many of which are included in our list of the best pet insurance companies in the nation.

Pet Insurance Companies Petco Works With

The names featured here are some of the most highly reviewed in the pet insurance industry, offering dependable coverage to millions of pet owners nationwide.

You can count on each one for your pet’s needs.

Alternatives to Petco Pet Insurance

Petco provides you with a simple way to compare quotes, but is it your best bet?

Since all of the companies that partner with Petco through Pet Insurance quotes are well-rated and dependable, you can trust the site in your pet insurance search.

Petco is a highly regarded name as well, staking its own brand on the companies it recommends.

However, you should keep in mind that Petco’s quoting tool does limit you to the companies that Pet Insurance Quotes partners with.

The only way to ensure you get access to the best company for you and your pets is to shop independently.

Here at Pet Insurance U, you can compare quotes from several of the same providers and read unbiased reviews of even more carriers to get an in-depth look at their coverage and cost.

Bottom line: Petco is a good resource for getting quick quotes from top-rated carriers, but you can do more thorough research and get more customized quotes elsewhere.

Should You Shop For Pet Insurance with Petco?

Searching for a pet insurance plan can be an overwhelming process, with a lot of coverage details to keep in mind.

There’s a lot to consider, such as:

On top of all those factors, you’ll want to pick a company that helps you save money on premiums.

As such, it’s important to put in the time and do your research. That way, you can be sure you’re choosing the absolute best insurance carrier to protect your pet.

Petco is a good starting point for comparing companies, but you may want to take a closer look at each company for yourself to pick the right provider.

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