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PetPremium Pet Insurance
Paws Up
90% Reimbursement
Low Annual Deductible
Choose Your Vet
Paws Down
Per Condition Limits
Low Value for the Price
Poor Claims Approval History
3.1 out of 5
Overall Rating
Watch out for payout limits per incident, age restrictions, & 6 month waiting period for genetic issues

Vet-Verified PetPremium Pet Insurance Reviews

Updated 3/1/17 by Dr. Pippa Elliot

PetPremium is backed by Hartville Pet Insurance Group, the same insurer that backs ASPCA Pet Insurance. Although our veterinarians ranked PetPremium last, the fact that the newcomer beat out established providers like ASPCA and PetPartners to make the list speaks to the buzz the company has created by providing an excellent customer experience.

According to customer survey data, 97% of PetPremium’s customers said they would recommend them to a friend looking for pet insurance. We scoured the web for reviews by real customers about PetPremium and found that the overall assessment of newest pet insurance company was overwhelmingly positive.

Our reviewers also spoke with the executives at PetPremium and learned of their impressive lineup of free pet health resources like breeder reviews and personalized pet veterinary profiles.

These added benefits set PetPremium apart from the rest of the pet insurance pack and offer extra value to all PetPremium customers.

PetPremium Reviews: Real Customers

Average customer review

“Never Want to be Without it”

review_dog3After my first two pets passed away, I never wanted to be without pet insurance coverage again. I got PetPremium insurance to help with vet costs and I am so happy that my dog is covered now.

Pet Parent of Boxers
Portland, OR


“Didn’t Deny my Dachshund”

dachshunds nationwide pet insuranceUnlike other pet insurance plans, PetPremium did not deny me because of my Dachshund’s age. Enrolling was quick and easy and I’m at ease knowing my dog is protected if anything were to happen to her.

Pet Parent of a Dachshund
Baltimore, MD


PetPremium Facts

  • 97% customer retention rate
  • Plans starting at $10 per month
  • Month-to-month contracts

PetPremium Q & A

How soon is my coverage effective?

Accident coverage is effective immediately. Illness coverage takes 30 days to become active.

Can I choose my own veterinarian?

Yes, you can choose any licensed veterinarian in the United States or Canada.

Does PetPremium offer any discounts?

Yes, if you pay annually you will not pay the monthly installment fee.

Are PetPremium’s reimbursements based on the actual vet bill?

You are not reimbursed based on the actual total of the vet bill. The actual reimbursement amount is based on PetPremium’s incident limit for each specified condition.

How long does it take to get my reimbursement check?

Reimbursements are easy with PetPremium. Simply download and complete the one-page claim form, email it back, and your claim will be paid within 30 days.


PetPremium Offers Low Cost Pet Insurance

The highest-rated new pet insurance company.

Overall Satisfaction Rating 3.5 / 5

97% of customers said they would recommend PetPremium to a friend!


  • Lynn

    Love the friendly staff at petpremium and even though my dog is older, he wasn’t turned downed for the insurance. We need to take care of our animals like we take care of ourselves!

    • Pet Insurance U

      Hi Lynn and welcome to Pet Insurance U! Thanks for your comment. Our editors’ experiences with PetPremium echoes yours. After several conversations with PetPremium, we found Jeroen and the rest of the staff to be very friendly too. They are still a pretty new company, without the infrastructure of a larger insurance provider like Nationwide, but they’re making a solid effort and are pleasing their customers by providing good service.

  • Janice

    I like that you can pay annually and get a discount. We have a pug, Oliver, and he gets in a lot of trouble sometimes with our other dog and just general mischief so I am eager to get him some behavioral classes and I’m pleased to see that this one covers that (the level 3 that is). I’ve never gotten pet insurance before but I think I’m set on the PetPremium.

  • I love how the dental is included in the wellness plan. As I’m sitting here realizing that I pay the same amount for my current plan which does not include dental cleaning.. I have a German Shepherd and she has a nice set of teeth.. and cleaning them is a chore.. trust me.. smiling.. This review has opened my eyes to what else I’m paying for and not receiving with my current plan..time to dig in deep and find out. Thanks for this review as I wouldn’t have known what I was missing had I not found it.. keep smiling

  • I really like that the reimbursement and deductible ranges stay the same for all three levels. The wellness plans are a great option to and very affordable considering flea and dental issues are very common. My dog Bootsie had to have all his teeth removed because they were rotting and causing him pain. His previous owners did not take super good care of him. He is a senior dog and eats soft food now…

    I also like that Pet Premium offers personalized pet health profiles. They sound great, especially for a new pet insurance company!

  • Anastacia

    Wow! 97% of PetPremium customers would recommend them to friends looking for pet insurance. If their customers are that satisfied, they must be doing something right. Gives me a lot to think about. Thanks for all the great reviews on your site!

  • Justina Roberts

    Being about to choose my own veterinarian is super important to me, we’ve been with the same practice at least 16 years now. They’ve seen every cat, rat, rabbit, and dog we’ve had the past two decades. Reading that a lot of PetPremium customers would recommend the coverage to others is amazing, it’s a good feeling to be able to tell your friends and family about a service that really takes care of you.

  • Walter

    I love it when insurance companies takes dental care of pets ,having a large bernesse mountain dog is very hard to clean their teeths and pet premium is very cheap when you have a bernesse. Thank you for posting these reviews!

  • I love that this company includes breeder reviews – because not all of them are alike. This definitely sets them apart from the others.

    I’ve watched several people take great care in choosing a breeder and it can be very time-consuming. Having a company offer unbiased reviews is a great idea. Over time, you would figure they’d get a good feel about certain breeders and their practices. This would be comforting to any prospective pet owner if they chose to go this route in regard to getting a pet.

    I also like that accident coverage is available immediately. You just never know when you might need that.

  • Graysse

    For just $10 per month PetPremium takes good care of our dog. I don’t know what my family and I would do without this affordable and life saving insurance. Everyone should take care of their dogs this way

  • Starla Brunson

    So far this company is on top of my list. I like that it has many great reviews and includes the dental. Not a lot of the companies that I have been researching offers dental in their plan. I also like that this company seems thorough and the coverage is available immediately. Although they are a newer company, they must be doing a lot to establish themselves with so many positive feedback. This site has been a tremendous help with all the insurance company reviews to look over.

    • Jill Kelley

      Having dental coverage has been so important for our dog. Before looking into insurance plans, we asked our veterinarian about scheduling a dental cleaning. It was going to be almost $1000! I want to keep taking our dog to this vet because she has been so helpful and kind. PetPremium is an excellent choice and you get to keep your regular vet! I think I’m going with this one!

  • lovely mcarthur

    Very affordable for as low as 10usd per month! I will have peace of mind knowing that my cat is in good hands!

  • Penelope Gomez

    I love the resources I get with PetPremium. It’s more than just pet insurance- it’s a guide to helping me manage my pet’s health. It can be difficult to sort out all of the information available on the Internet, and you don’t always know what sites you can trust. But with the free pet health resources, breeder reviews, and being able to track my dog’s health in her personalized profile, I feel much more confident about managing her care.

  • Ujjal Karmakar

    I heard many nice things about PetPremium insurance company. It has many awesome features that one can do insurance with this company. It has two premium plan which both are suitable. Monthly premium quote for low coverage offers Accidents only 70 percent reimbursement, $500 annual deductible, no annual limits level 1 plan and Monthly premium quote for plans with comprehensive coverage offers 90 percent reimbursement, $100 annual deductible, No annual limits, Level 3 plan. It is really amazing.

  • My yorkies are my life and after one of them had an accident while traveling to the beach as the wind blew the door shut nearly breaking little Luna’s leg. I felt the need of finding her an insurance after paying her treatment full price. I realized I couldn’t continue having them not insured. It was a challenge for me finding the right insurance company as there’s so many around the internet and it’s really hard to sort out which ones real or aren’t, I stumbled upon Pent Insurance U and was blown away by how in detailed they explain their benefits and by all the different packages they offer plus all the positiveness the other people reviewed. I dediced to give it a try and honestly I have not been disappointed. I am at peace, knowing my yorkies are insured for life. I also love the fact that they even took my oldest yorkie in their insueance program, a thing which many other insurance would’ve never allowed. Ibuki, Luna and Panchita are grateful for your services!

  • john

    Our dogs are family members and their health is so important, no one should have to choose between getting medical help for your pet or letting go because you can’t afford treatment. Pet health insurance is essential. This is an excellent insurance plan, especially for my senior dog.

  • Sarah Bott

    I have not been happier with any insurance company than I have been with Pet Premium!

    They are so helpful both online and over the phone and are very personable.

    Their customer service is excellent, and the plan is easy to use anywhere!

    My dog is 10 years old and has had a few medical issues. Submitting a claim after the vet visit was easy, and I was reimbursed quickly once everything was processed. The company even called me to ask how my Bella was doing after her recent illness!

    • Pet Insurance U

      Sarah, it’s great to hear that pet premium is working for you and that you where able to be reimbursed so quickly. Pet premium prides itself on personal, fast customer service making them top in the industry. Glad our information provided has helped you.

  • shaun wright

    I am looking for an affordable pet insurance plan that offers a lot of coverage for very little money. Pet Premium looks affordable, but is it worth it? We have two dogs and a cat and want as much coverage as we can get for them. Do premiums increase or decrease with the amount of pets you own?

    • Pet Insurance U

      Shaun Pet Premium has a 97% recommendation from it’s customers. It’s good to know that you are researching and to answer your question, some companies do offer discounts for multiple pets added to policies. I would speak to Pet Premium personally to confirm what they offer as far as discounts.

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