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Petplan vs. PetFirst Pet Insurance Comparison

When looking for a pet insurance company, there are a lot of different companies that are good, solid providers with great coverage.

Petplan and PetFirst are among the best and offer well-rounded comprehensive insurance at competitive prices.

We took an in-depth look at the two to see how these pet insurance companies compare.

So who has the best pet insurance?

Let’s find out!

Petplan vs. PetFirst: Pet Insurance Throwdown

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Both Companies Are Great! But Which Is Better?

Petplan is one of the top providers for a reason.

They have great coverage and are one of the few that includes the exam fee when seeing your vet.

Customer service is always available and they have different coverage packages to adjust your budget.

There are no age restrictions which is always a benefit.

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PetFirst, while not as well-known as Petplan, is also a solid provider with excellent coverage.

PetFirst will also insure pets of any age and has a very short waiting period for hip dysplasia.

They also include the vet exam fee as part of their coverage.

PetFirst offers wellness plans for preventative care procedures.

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Full Coverage Comparison

Petplan and PetFirst both offer well-rounded comprehensive coverage for cats and dogs that includes all illness and accidents.

Where PetFirst outdoes Petplan is their inclusion of exam fees and prescriptions without any limits.


Petplan coverage includes all congenital conditions like allergies as well as hereditary conditions.

What stands out about Petplan is they offer an allowance of up to $650 for dental care including periodontal disease.

All specialists are included in Petplan’s coverage including cardiologists and oncologists.

Hip dysplasia is even covered after 15 days if it isn’t pre-existing.

Both Petplan and PetFirst do cover the exam fees when visiting the vet which can be very helpful in offsetting some of the costs.


PetFirst also has different options of coverage, all of which are very comprehensive.

What makes PetFirst stand out is that they reimburse for all exam fees – routine or specialist.  With a very short waiting list for patella issues or hip dysplasia of 2 weeks, PetFirst has you covered!

If holistic care is of interest to you, PetFirst includes holistic care in all of their plans as well as alternative therapy options.

Prescription medication is also paid for which can help you save money.

With all of these different coverage inclusions, PetFirst can save you money.

Wellness plans are also available if this is of interest to you.  It gives you an allowance towards routine care.

Benefit Limits Compared

When looking at benefit limits, Petplan has an advantage over PetFirst.

Petplan has many benefit limit ranges from a low of $2,500 to unlimited.

With all the different benefit limits offered, it can be advantageous in helping you budget the costs.

The unlimited benefit option is only available, however, in their most expensive plan.

They have no restrictions on lifetime or per-condition limits which is what you want in a policy.

If your cat has a serious disease like cancer that needs continuous treatment, you only need to meet the limit one time.

PetFirst offers 3 different benefit limit amounts and range from $5,000 to $20,000.

PetFirst, like Petplan, doesn’t use a per incident or per condition limit which is always preferred but their $20,000 limit can be hit very quickly if your cat or dog gets very hurt or sick.

The $5,000 limit has a standard deductible level but the $20,000 plan can get a little pricey.

In fact, their pricing in their $20,000 limit plan is more expensive than all of Healthy Paws plans which all offer unlimited benefits.

Deductibles Compared

Petplan and PetFirst both offer annual deductible options.

Yet, with Petplan, you can choose between an annual deductible and a per-incident deductible.

Petplan has deductibles starting at $100 and go to as high as $2,500.

As mentioned above, you have the choice of either a one-time deductible or one that is based on a condition.

A per-condition deductible can be beneficial if you have a dog that has a serious disease like cancer as you meet the deductible only one time and you’re done.

But, if your dog gets an ear infection, you would have to pay another deductible for that infection. So, it can get costly if that is the case.

PetFirst also offers many deductible choices: $50, $100, $250, and $500. The $50 choice is one of the lowest deductibles offered in the market.

Both annual deductible plans allow you to either choose a higher deductible and a lower premium or the reverse.

Reimbursement Compared

Petplan and PetFirst both offer the same reimbursement structure and use an actual cost model.

Both Petplan and PetFirst have ranges of 70% to 90% for reimbursement.

They pay off the actual vet bill which is always the preferred choice.

Pricing Compared

Petplan and PetFirst are both competitively priced, but with Petplan, you get a little more bang for your buck!

Petplan’s pricing is standard for the industry while offering many treatments and services that other’s don’t include (like the dental allowance).

PetPlan Discounts

  • When you register online, you can get a discount.
  • Military service dogs and personnel also get discounts.

PetPlan Average Premiums

  • Monthly average premiums for dogs can start as low as $27
  • Monthly average premiums for cats can start at $16

PetFirst has very low prices on the lower-tiered plans, but the upper tired plans can be a little pricier than most.

PetFirst Discounts

  • A $20 discount is included if you purchase your pet insurance online
  • If your pet is healthy, you can get a $50 discount
  • Discounts are also available (from 5 to 10%) if you pay your entire bill up front
  • Discounts available for multiple pets
  • Discounts available for military and corporate employees

PetFirst Average Premiums

  • Monthly average premiums for dogs on the lower plan are $17 a month
  • Monthly average premiums for cats on the lower plan are $9 per month

Claims And Service Compared

Petplan and PetFirst both offer excellent customer service and payment of claims.

They are both know to handle claims efficiently and reimburse quickly.

Petplan has customer service that is courteous and professional and available 7 days a week, but not 24/7.

Petplan does offer a vet service which is what the call “Telehealth” that is available to answer all your questions about the health of your pet.

Claims are generally handled within one to two weeks.

PetFirst, like Embrace, offers a healthy pet discount every year you don’t make a claim which is a very nice perk.

The claims procedure is standard of most.

There are several options for submitting your claim and via:

  • MyPets Portal (you can check the status of your claim here too)
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Standard Mail

Like Petplan, they will reimburse you within 5 to 14 days.

Waiting Periods and Enrollment Compared

Both Petplan and PetFirst have short waiting periods but PetFirst covers hip dysplasia after only 14 days. And neither has an upper age limit.

Enrollment in Petplan for puppies and kittens can start at six weeks. Pets of all ages are welcome.

Accident coverage starts five days after enrollment and sicknesses have the typical 15 day waiting period.

Petplan does allow you the option of enrollment without first seeing your vet, but you must do so within the first 30 days.

PetFirst stands out with their very short waiting periods.

As mentioned above, PetFirst covers hip dysplasia with a short wait of 14 days. Most pet insurance companies (except Figo), will only cover hip dysplasia after a year!

Enrollment is super-easy with PetFirst.  They don’t require a vet exam prior to enrollment. Their accident coverage begins with one day and illnesses are covered after 14 days.

Like Petplan, cats and dogs of any age can be covered for their life.

Puppy and kitten enrollment starts at 8 weeks old.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it!

Both Petplan and PetFirst are excellent companies with good coverage and don’t discriminate on age.

If you are looking for some other top pet insurance providers for additional quotes, make sure to take a look at our top 10 pet insurance companies for 2020.

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