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Top 5 Dog Breeds That Serve as Team Mascots

Finding the ideal mascot takes time and preparation. Some of the most popular colleges have great mascots that exemplify their respective programs. They serve as the first look at your team and as the iconic figure that will spur your school on in times of need.

The Bulldog is one of the most popular mascots in college sports. English Bulldogs, once used to fight bulls, Bulldogs earned a reputation for courage and honor that makes them the #4 most popular #4 most popular dog breed in America presents. Here are a few other teams that make the list of best dog mascots in the country.

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#1 — Washington Huskies out of Washington State are one of the most popular schools in the country. The Huskie is a great representation of the school. Their colors are purple and silver. They also share the name with illustrious programs like the University of Connecticut.

Washington Huskies Mascot

#2 — The University of Indianapolis holds on to a mascot that is rivaled by few. The Greyhounds, this Midwestern program took this breeds name and matched it with their school colors of crimson and grey and never looked back. Taking on the characteristics of the greyhound which is intelligence and agility.

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University of Indiana Mascot

#3 — The University of Albany is a state university in New York that sits comfortably in Albany, NY where they take on the name of one of the most massive dog breeds the Great Dane. The sophisticated yet intimidating dog breed is perfect for the New York state university. Their colors are purple and gold.


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#4 — Siena College uses the Saint Bernard to represent their mascot. The Saint Bernard is a loyal companion with a strong build. They make for great pets and even better mascots. Their colors are gold and green.


#5 — Boston University is home to Beantown’s most prized mascot, the Boston Terrier. Proud to have the city’s most infamous breed as their mascot. The Boston Terrier or “little gentlemen” as he is nicknamed is a cute but protective companion that is rich in personality. This is a perfect mascot to represent the prestigious university. Their colors are scarlet and white.

Boston University mascot


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