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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Eggs are a staple of many of our diets.  We eat eggs for breakfast, make omelets or even in sandwiches for a delicious egg-salad lunch.

There are so many benefits from eggs with their high protein count, amino acids and the good type of fatty acids.

It would seem logical that our dogs could also benefit from eggs too.

Is it OK to share some eggs with our pups?

With any new food, make sure to talk to your veterinarian before feeding your pups any eggs or any new human food.

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Are Eggs Safe For Dogs?

can dogs eat eggs

Eggs are definitely safe for dogs when eaten is small amounts and preferably cooked.

When eaten raw, the eggs can cause biotin deficiency in dogs.

Eggs are also known to help settle a dog’s stomach when it is upset.

Your vet will be able to tell you how many eggs you can share with your dog and if it’s good for your particular pup.

Benefits of Eggs For Dogs

Eggs, when cooked has many benefits for dogs with riboflavin, selenium, and protein that is very easy for pups to digest.

Eggs are also a very good source of linoleic acid and Vitamin A.

If you need to add a little extra protein to your dog’s diet, eggs are an easy way to do so as a healthy treat.  They are one of the few foods that are almost a 100% complete protein!

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Make sure that the eggs are thoroughly cooked as raw eggs can be harmful to pups.

The yolk, even though it is very nutritious, can add a lot of calories to your dog’s diet.

So, go easy on the eggs and discuss what the right amount for your dog is when sharing them.

Can Eggs Be Harmful to Dogs?

Eggs, when cooked, tend to be safe for dogs.

But, if you are thinking of feeding raw eggs to your dog, there could be some health concerns that are important to know:

Biotin Deficiency:  If you feed your pups too many raw eggs, your dog could end up biotin deficient.  Eggs have an enzyme that doesn’t allow the biotin to absorb properly.  Biotin is a vitamin that supports digestion, healthy skin, metabolism and regenerates cells.

Salmonella:  Dogs, similar to humans, could develop Salmonella if raw eggs.

While these side effects are very unusual, it’s always best to be aware of them.

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Make sure to feed your pup cooked eggs without butter, oil or any other seasonings that might not digest well.

Some dogs might even have a food allergy to eggs.

If you see any of the below symptoms, make sure to take your dog the vet immediately:

  • Sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Coughing
  • Rash or Hives
  • Vomiting

Different Ways to Share Eggs With Your Dogs

If your vet says that you can share eggs with your dog, start slowly and make sure your dog doesn’t have a bad reaction to them.

First you should cook the eggs, either boil them or even scramble plain and without any spice, butter or oil.

If you feed them hard-boiled eggs, make sure to remove the shell. The shells surprisingly, do have calcium, but they can be hard for dogs to digest.

Try the following with eggs:

  • Chop the eggs in little chunks and mix them in with your dog’s wet food.
  • Cut the egg in half and feed it to your dog plain without any spices.
  • Scramble them plain and give your pup a couple bites and you can finish it off!

If your dog doesn’t like or react well to eggs, there are some other vegetables and fruits your pup might like.

Other Foods Your Dog Might Enjoy

If your dog doesn’t take to eggs, here are some other safe vegetables and fruit that your dog might enjoy:

Grapes (and raisins), as well as avocados and tomatoes, aren’t safe to share your pup.

Feeding Eggs to Your Pup

Cooked eggs can be shared with your pup as a snack or just a bite or two to add some protein and nutrients.

As always, start very slowly and make sure your dog isn’t allergic or doesn’t have a bad reaction to eggs.

If your dog does have a bad reaction to eggs, you will need to get your dog to the vet or even the emergency room immediately.

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And if there are any continuing health effects on your dog, pet insurance would cover that as well to get your dog healthy again.

Don’t be afraid to feed your dog cooked eggs, just be careful with them and like most human food should be shared as a snack and not a staple of your dog’s diet.

If you want to learn more about the safe food that you can share with your dog, our ultimate safe food guide can give you some other choices to sample.

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